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Temba Mliswa goes after Kirsty Coventry

by Mandla Ndlovu
09 Apr 2019 at 07:07hrs | Views
Norton Member of Parliament has accused Minister of Youth Sports Arts and Recreation Kirsty Coventry of being a docile official who is failing to deal with hot issues regarding corruption in Sports Associations.

Said Mliswa, "As for Kirsty Coventry she is trying too much to sound like Michelle Obama. She mustn't play that pantomime game and just be hands-on, answer to facts and be seen to be advocating for transparency and accountability in rugby, soccer and cricket.

"Any leader that does not advocate for that isn't worth it. She has for a long time been associated with Coconut so I will not bother myself but what I will tell her is she must respond to the allegations on the misappropriation of funds in Cricket, Rugby and Soccer."

Mliswa further said Coventry wants to act as a smart person by avoiding hot issues in her Ministry and focusing on minor ones.

"She wants to remain smart by not dealing with real issues but politics isn't for the faint-hearted. That's the truth of the matter. She has to stop being a damsel and deal with criminals destroying sports."

However, Mliswa urged Coventry to delegate her current duties to her deputy since she is on maternity leave.

"For now she must just focus on her pregnancy and not comment on this but allow maybe the Deputy Minister or somebody else to do it.

"I urge her with all due respect to desist from getting on Twitter as the blood pressure levels won't be the same and that's not good for her on maternity leave. We want her to have a lovely baby and I wish her good luck. The baby may also be a golden athlete, an Olympic medalist."

Source - Byo24News