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MLF factions kiss and reunite

by Staff reporter
09 Apr 2019 at 16:54hrs | Views
The meeting to reunite the factions of MLF took place on Sunday the 7th at Ghandi Square in Johannesburg, after a series of engagement meetings to iron out their differences.

The factions led by Mr David Magagula and Andrea Sibanda, the first spokesman and secretary general of the front, respectively finally hugged, kissed and welcomed one another back together.

The 2015 split which nearly wiped the first Mthwakazi revolutionary organisation out of existence was caused by unconstitutional and unprocedural manner in which the care taker committee was running the affairs of the movement after the untimely resignation of Mr Fidelis Ncube aka General Nandinandi, the movement' first leader.

The meeting firstly observed a minute of silence for the late Chief A Z Gumede.

Members described the departed chief as the Icon of Mthwakazi liberation struggle whose sacrifices and immense contributions towards the fulfillment of Mthwakazi restoration could not go unrecognised.

The meeting noted that Mr Gumede was made Chief by mainly MLF members and that there was need to replace him but it resolved not to go that route all alone again but to engage all other stakeholders to ensure that the new chief/ambassador does not have any other label on him except that of being Mthwakazi people's representative in South Africa. Mr Desire Dube was then tasked to lead the stakeholders engagement process.

In a meeting that was even attended by tens of members of the organisation who had remained disgruntled by the split, the leadership of MLF dismissed and declared any body outside the NEC that is led by Mr David Magagula as Chairman as an impostor bent on hijacking the people's Revolutionary Organization, which has been at the forefront of Mthwakazi Restoration.

The meeting took a resolution NEVER to split again and NEVER to allow the CAPTURE of the ORGANISATION by those who found the movement up and running.

The meeting dismissed strongly the maneuver bent on trying to capture the Organization and derail it from its set objective to liberate the people and country of Mthwakazi.

It further noted progress made since the inception of MLF, chief installation among them, the spread of Mthwakazism in the whole world to the point where Zimbabwe President warns his bloody party against the Restorationists. It applauded the

Re identification by Mthwakazi citizens which has now reached the needed levels.

The joining in of the  Chiefs,Traditional Healers, the Church, Lawyers and Students in the struggle for Mthwakazi was also noted.

Finally the meeting resolved to bring back on board all disgruntled members and agreed that new Program of action will be revealed after consultation with all Chapters and is likely to be for public consumption immediately after the Easter holidays.

Source - Byo24News