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'I am an asset to ZANU PF' says Temba Mliswa

by Mandla Ndlovu
10 Apr 2019 at 18:55hrs | Views
Norton Member of Parliament Temba Mliswa says he is an asset to ZANU PF and he will not apply to rejoin the party but the party must write to him and apologise for the mistakes they did in firing him.

"As for me I'm not going to write to be readmitted. That's not how I operate. In fact, the party should be the one writing to me acknowledging their mistake. I believe I'm an asset to any organisation and without me they will always be felt a vacuum." Mliswa said.

Mliswa expressed his delight that his uncle Didymus Mutasa has rejoined ZANU PF after leaving the party in2014.

"I have always been desirous and pushed that individuals like Didymus Mutasa, Jabulani Sibanda, Joyce Mujuru should be allowed back into the party. Thus, I'm glad that Rtd Brigadier Mutinhiri and Didymus Mutasa are now back in their party, they are founding fathers there.

"These people belonged to ZANUPF and I have talked to Mnangagwa about this and how it cements the newness of the dispensation. All the other expelled Prov Chairpersons should be considered. If the party can bring back its founding fathers its now a new era."

Mutasa praised Mutasa saying he has always been a loyal cadre of ZANU PF.

"I'm glad for Didymus Mutasa because he is back amongst his own. He was a straightforward person, incorruptible and loyal to Mugabe. The first man to say VaMugabe Chete Chete.  ZANUPF  should  have a Council of elders composed of man like him. Nyathi I'm happy for you."

Source - Byo24News