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Zim EFF appoints General Phani as its Secretary General

by Satff reporter
14 Apr 2019 at 19:28hrs | Views
Zim EFF today appointed Sipho Phani Sibanda as its Secretary General.

Sibanda is an experienced academic social policy researcher and a well read fighter. Educated up to a Masters in Social Work Degree from Manchester Metropolitan University. He holds a Bachelor of Technology Education Management Degree from university of Tshwane in South Africa. He is also a specialist in Mental Health having obtained a post graduate Diploma from the University of Manchsster. In the 1990 he worked as a school teacher in Zimbabwe with a teaching qualification from the university of Zimbabwe.  

Below is his acceptance letter

Revolutionary Greetings Fighters,
It is with great pleasure that I accept the appointment to the position of Secretary General of the Zimbabwe Economic Freedom Fighters. I consider it a privilege to join a people-driven revolutionary party whose ideology places the economic freedom at the pinnacle of the struggle. This organisation is seeking to bring about a peaceful revolutionary change in Zimbabwe - the country we so dearly love. The change that this revolutionary party is seeking is a change for improving the ordinary people's lives.

Zimbabwe Economic Freedom Fighters under the resolute  leadership of the  Commander in Chief Innocent Ndibali believe that political freedom without economic freedom is meaningless.  As such, dear fighters, you must all ready yourselves by organising,  mobilising, educating and sacrificing for the organisation and for the people of Zimbabwe.  The journey ahead will be stormy, treacherous and dangerous however we will navigate the path carefully and resolutely until we reach our final destination of economic freedom.  Along the way we will be tried and tested, we will face trials and tribulations. There will be occasions we will face humiliation,  defeat and despondency yet there will also be occasions we will enjoy triumph and success. This journey is not for the faint-hearted but for the brave and patriotic.  
Today I am introducing myself to you all as your new Secretary General. My battle name shall be General Phani - General for the position of Secretary General and also for the enormity of responsibility bestowed upon me by the Commander in Chief.

Allow me to ask you to support, defend and promote the ideology of the organisation. Each and every one of you is a freedom fighter. There is no greater cause than to fight for the economic freedom of your people. Economic freedom is the mainstay and foundation of our dignity as a people. I implore you all to stand up and be counted, stand up and demand an end to the rampant corruption destroying our country,    stand up to the mediocre,  visionless and brutal current  political regime in our country. We are young, vibrant and visionary- let's organise ourselves and help change our country for the betterment of the people of Zimbabwe.  

Fighters contribute to the struggle with whatever you can spare - time,  resources, intellect,  courage and wisdom. We are your leadership and we will lead with courage, wisdom and vision.  

I am working hard together with the Commander in Chief Innocent Ndibali and the whole national leadership to ensure that the organisation establishes properly constituted structures in every province in the country. In the coming weeks and months we will advise of a clear national leadership structure. It is my duty and yours to recruit membership to the organisation . We all have the duty to support promote and defend the organisation.

Let the revolution take its course, for we are on the right side of history,  we are with the people and we are the people.

In revolutionary spirit and with gratitude,

Yours in Revolution,

General Phani
(Sipho Phani Sibanda)
Secretary General Zim EFF

Source - Agencies