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Independence day demo-Zimbabwe diaspora in UK shun independence day celebrations

by Kingstone Jambawo
20 Apr 2019 at 07:12hrs | Views
Zanu-PF was celebrating national independence day which is a result from the protracted and arduous struggle of the people of Zimbabwe

But what does this really mean to ordinary Zimbabweans of this generation?

Zimbabwe Human Rights Organisation (ZHRO) members decided not to take part in the country's 39th Independence Day celebrations by demonstrating outside the Zimbabwe Embassy in London highlighting the oppression, corruption, and economic chaos that the country is in.

"The battle for self-government, and sovereignty may have ended 39 years ago but that of our freedom continues. We are now fighting a different form of oppression – one that demands more of our time, commitment and heart. Some have lost their lives for true independence, whilst some have disappeared" said one of the organisers, Rashiwe Bayisayi

The rise of social movements show how Zimbabweans have entered a new stage of demanding complete elimination of any form of oppression.

"The reality is that Zimbabwe has a long way to go in terms of people's rights - how can you be free when you can get shot by those who are supposed to protect you " said Philip Mahlahla

ZHRO's Chipochedenga Pairirenyatwa and Peter Sidhindi of MazimbabweYesWeCan addressed the protesters who travelled from all parts of UK

The realisation of full independence, both political and economic, has become the ardent aspiration of the people of Zimbabwe .

Source - Kingstone Jambawo
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