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'Mnangagwa's advisor is a CIO double agent'

by Mandla Ndlovu
21 Apr 2019 at 11:41hrs | Views

One of President Emmerson Mnangagwa's key advisors  Dr Shingi Munyeza is alleged to be a CIO spy who worked as a double agent during the run up to the bloody coup that ended 37 years of former President Robert Mugabe's rule.

The revelations were brought to light by former Cabinet Minister Professor Jonathan Moyo during a twar with Munyeza.

"It's an untold tragedy when a man of God who swears by the holy bible during the day, is actually a devil's workshop, who spends the night doing the devil's work. Fake Pastor Shingi Munyeza is satanic and politically dangerous."

Prof. Moyo then narrated how Munyeza pretended to work with President Robert by day and later sold the minutes of the meetings to the military and Lacoste faction.

"On 3/6/18 and 5/6/18 Shingi Munyeza and a DECENT MAN OF GOD sought audience and met with President Mugabe to get him to support a GRAND COALITION against the military junta. SHINGI WROTE THE MINUTES. It later transpired Shingi was a junta operative and the rest is history.

"The Bishop who picked up Shingi on 5/6/18 to a meeting with former President Mugabe and dropped him off after the meeting is an honourable man of God in Zimbabwe. The meeting sought to persuade President Mugabe to support a grand coalition for the 2018 election. Shingi took the minutes!

"Discussions with him ended on 5 June 2018 when his cover as a junta and CIO spy was blown. He tried to present himself as Nelson Chamisa's confidant but nobody took him seriously about that. Instead he was fed lies to take back to his junta masters!"

The fight between Munyeza and Moyo started when Prof Moyo said the PAC had discussed Alpha Media Holdings' Trevor Ncube saying he had failed to reign in his media empire to support Mnangagwa. Munyeza then came in to defend Ncube and the PAC.

Source - Byo24News