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Priscilla Mushonga sucked into Mnangagwa saga

by Mandla Ndlovu
23 Apr 2019 at 09:27hrs | Views
Former MDC Secretary General Priscilla Misihairabwi has been fingered in an elaborate plan to hoodwink the people of Matabeleland into endorsing President Emmerson Mnangagwa using the Gukurahundi genocide.

United Kingdom based academic Dr. Brilliant Sgabade Mhlanga alleges that The British Government working with the then British Ambassador Catriona Laing organized Misihairabwi and WOZA leader Jenni Williams to organise what is called the Matebeleland Collective.

The MC as it is known had an agenda to organize a platform for interface between Mnangagwa and Matabeleland leaders.

Thokozani is also fingered in the plot.

Read Sgabade's full statement below:

1. Matebeleland Collective as Professor Jonathan Moobserved is a bunch of handpicked individuals pretending to be representing Matebeleland. The idea was birthed in London mid-2017 when Chinamasa visited the UK to do the bidding for Mnangagwa. Funding came from UK's DFID, passed on TRACE.

2. When TRACE received the money working with Jenni Williams they organised a workshop for a few handpicked ‘Civil Society' organisations & individuals from Matebeleland. TRACE provided the Facilitator who happened to be British Amb. Catriona Laing's partner.

3. As stated above, the stencil had long been planned -the idea being to spruce-up Mnangagwa's image as a ‘reformer'. These handpicked individuals were carefully directed towards a particular position & made to feel as the originators of the idea, which had long been determined.

4. Some of them are more stupid & gullibly ignorant that treacherous. A document had long been drafted, in London, capturing the aims & objectives of this treachery emerged through Catriona Laing's partner. They were made to celebrate it as theirs - then named as the Compendium.

5. At first quite a number of these handpicked fools were just more ignorant than treacherous. Mnangagwa knew about this as he was kept in the loop by Catriona Laing & her partner. It was planned that Mnangagwa would meet these people under the banner of Matebeleland Collective.

6. It's then that Priscilla Misihayirambwi-Mushonga comes in. Using her access to Mnangagwa also working closely with Thokozani Khuphe, the two share their deep hatred of Nelson Chamisa & Welshman Ncube. Working with the Office of the President & Cabinet (OPC) they initiated it.

7. The meeting had initially been penned for a much earlier time, when the British still held the belief that Mnangagwa was a reformer. As we all know the British later got to know his true colours & dumped him & even threatened to issue sanctions on him. He kept MC as his ace!

8. Mnangagwa still saw an opportunity in the entire Matebeleland Collective project even when the British were no longer committed. Working with Priscilla Misihayirambwi-Mushonga & Thokozani Khuphe on the one hand, & Jenni Williams on the other they went ahead with the meeting.

9. Matebeleland Collective is Mnangagwa's project. In the same way Gukurahundi was designed with the help of the British & their funding to help ZANU. It's difference with Gukurahundi is that, instead of hiring the North Koreans, they hired CSOs from Matebeleland as unilaterals

10. Lastly, 2 things buoyed this Mnangagwa project. 1st it's the ‘hatred' of Chamisa by these groups from Matebeleland. 2nd it's their shallow understanding of geopolitics politics, coupled with that hate a new form of unilateralism has emerged dressed as representation.

Source - Byo24News