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'I was never part of the system' Jonathan Moyo says

by Mandla Ndlovu
25 Apr 2019 at 12:17hrs | Views
Exiled Professor Jonathan Moyo has denied being part of the 'system' that has ruled the country since 1980.

Prof Moyo was responding to Activist Brighton Chiwola who had said, "But honestly speaking Prof at some point you've to own to having been part of the system, not just the government or party, but the SYSTEM in all its ugliness! And say I am sorry!"

Said Prof Moyo, "No. Forget it. I cannot and will never own up to a fiction. Me, son of Mlevu from Zhuwane, part of the SYSTEM? The Mgagao system? You better be kidding. I would rather share what I found out and what I experienced; which I'm doing for posterity!"

Moyo further added that Former President Robert Mugabe was never the father of the system as has always been alleged and he will explain all that in his book that he is writing.

"Bob was never the father of the system. Never. That's one thing many have gotten wrong. The story will be told. I'm not writing to answer anyone's questions but to tell my story!"

ZANU PF officials have always spoken of  a system that is running that country but have never explained who or what the system is.

In 2015 Presidential Spokesperson George Charamba told Prof Moyo that, "Minister, the system is asking if Moyo is not supporting VP Mnangagwa to succeed, so who then is he supporting? Why is he trying to prevent VP Mnangagwa? That makes him dangerous and he must be stopped."

Watch ZANU PF Secretary for Legal Affairs Paul Mangwana talking about the system below:

Source - Byo24News