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Kudzi Chipanga joins Chiwenga's plotting team?

by Mandla Ndlovu
26 Apr 2019 at 17:03hrs | Views
Former ZANU PF Youth league Boss Kudzi Chipana is alleged to be working with Vice President Constantino Dominic Nyikadzino Guvheya Chiwenga towards the removal of President Emmerson Mnangagwa and installation of a Presidential Candidate and President who is preferred by the military.

In an exclusive interview with a high placed source in the military intelligence based in Mashonaland East we gathered the following alleged details:

1.    Majority of the members of the so called G40 cabal worked with Chiwenga in the pre-2004 ZANU PF Congress which removed the then Vice President Joice Mujuru.

2.    The fallout between the army led by General Chiwenga and some of the G40 members happened after the supposed leaders of the G40 cabal resisted Chiwenga's move to remove President Mugabe and replace him with Mnangagwa.

3.    A fallout happened which was followed by exiled Professor Jonathan Moyo labeling the faction which wanted Mnangagwa as successionists and the term stuck until the Lacoste brand emerged.  

4.    Kudzi Chipanga who was one of the people who had worked with the General Chiwenga led operation team jumped ship and went with the new narrative fronted by the so-called G40.

5.    After the defeat of the G40 by the military during the bloody November 2017 coup Chipanga was one of the victims who were arrested tortured and forced to make a public apology for his participation in insulting the military.

6.    Chipanga tried to endear himself to the new ZANU PF administration but failed because he was not wanted by the political leadership of the party.

7.    Chipanga is alleged to have approached the military Generals through a high ranking Polititburo member who facilitated a meeting with Vice President General Chiwenga.

8.    During a renewed effort to invade farms which were owned especially by high ranking G40 members, Chipanga's farm was spared after a delegation which included former Finance Minister Patrick Chinamasa stormed the farm.

9.    The source alleges that General Chiwenga personally phoned Chinamasa who was at the farm and told him and his delegation to move out of Chipanga's property.

The source further furnished us with details that after the post Mugabe succession fight the Mnangagwa and Chiwenga factions are battling it out for the control of the soul of the country and they are courting influential people from both the former G40 cabal and the opposition MDC.

Source - Byo24News