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Guaranteed erections steal the show at ZITF

by Methusi Ncube
26 Apr 2019 at 21:34hrs | Views
Sexual performance boosters are flying off the shelves at the Malawi stand at the ongoing Zimbabwe International Trade Fair (ZITF) in Bulawayo.

The stand is stealing the show at one of the biggest trade showcases in the continent and could be among the most visited.

Men and women, both young and old were yesterday literally hoarding tiny sachets of aphrodisiacs that cost between US$3 and US$5.

"I've run out of stock as this is the last sachet of Nganganga a male erection booster. The name means rock-hard and it brings life and energy to limp sexual organs. A teaspoon of this in porridge or simple mahewu guarantees multiple erections for at least three days. It costs only US$5. I didn't anticipate such high demand," a woman who was sorrounded by hordes of customers told around 2pm Friday.

"We have natural remedies to strengthen a man's back and keep him going for hours. With this even a polygamist will keep all his women satisfied, glowing and happy," she said.

The woman who asked not to be photographed or named said she also has creams and powders to increase sex drive in women, tighten their organs and keep their bodies hot.

"Woman are the biggest customers here and they often buy in bulk. I feel sorry for any man who sleeps with a woman who uses our boosters when he has not fortified himself with our medicines," she said with a mischievous wink.

Aaron Mugweje (43) who bought some of the last sachets of Nganganga said he heard about it from a friend last year and decided to try it.

"I never used to believe in aphrodisiacs and I bought Nganganga as a joke at this stand last year after a friend told me about it. My girlfriend of two years who had been dismissing my  marriage proposals suddenly agreed to get married after two weeks of using this stuff. It really works my man and every man should have it in his house," said Mugweje.

Source - Byo24News