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Gukurahundi activist survives 'assassination attempt'?

by Staff reporter
14 May 2019 at 16:12hrs | Views
Journalist and renowned Gukurahundi Activist Zenzele Ndebele on Saturday survived a suspicious accident in which all four bolts on the lower arm of the front wheel on the left side of his vehicle came off simultaneously.

Ndebele tweeted about the incident without giving much detail and netizens were quick to suggest he may have survived assassination by Mnangagwa's government.

"We know who is capable of such tricks . Be careful bruv. Your ink is so fine,they want to silence it," said @mtkelvin.

"We all know the bolt looseners. It's their last resort when the arm of the "law" fails" tweeted @SirSabuneti.

Ndebele has consistently done incisive documentaries about Gukurahundi over the years detailing how government forces butchered more than 20 000 unarmed civilians in Matabeleland in the 1980s. The genocide is widely believed to have been an attempt by former Zimbabweans president Robert Mugabe and incumbent Emerson Mnangagwa to wipe out Ndebele people from existence.

Ndebele has forced the government to acknowledge the atrocities which have always been a taboo topic since independence.

He was arrested recently for being in possession of exploded teargas canisters but a court ruled he had not broken any law.

"I am an Engineer and this is my 15th year of practice, i can surely tell you that its impossible for all 4 bolts to come out at once, its more like 2 ends of a paper tearing off at once. They are placed at equidistant for that reason, strength of materials," observed @william03391041.
"For them to come out at once it means that they were just placed there by the first thread and all they needed was a few revolutions at a speed of + 10km/hr. I see spanners at work."

@larrybryn challenged the assassination theory saying Ndebele could have been involved in a normal accident.

"You must be an engineer from magaba. Stop misleading pple. This is very normal and highly normal. What do you expect from those potholes in Zimbabwe.

"They are dam holes kkkk. Service and personally go under your car regularly n check for all possibilities especially suspension," tweeted . @larrybryn.

"Baba i have a Bsc Hons in Mechanical Engineering plus a Btech in Structural engineering so relax. If you look at the housing at which those bolts came from , you cany see that the casting didn't suffer any fatigue, the threads on the bolts r still ridged. Take classes .

"R u saying that because of the rough terrains, the bolts were unscrewing at the same rate and they fall off at once? .What ur saying can only be practical is some of the bolts suffered loss of threads due to excessive fatigue, the were not pushed in, they were screwed in," shot back @william03391041.

@ssyyddoo maintained Ndebele's vehicle was tampered with.

" My guy is on point lm a motor mech but to have all four come out and all four still available it's just a fowl play atleast if it was an impact then breaks there and there l can understand (sic)," said @ssyyddoo.

A majority of Zimbabweans on Twitter felt State agents were behind the accident and warned Ndebele to be careful in future.

"When you are doing what you doing in Zimbabwe you really need to be very careful. There's time you'll need to trust no one from the mechanic to family members. Those are just highlights a lot is coming i just hope you be always ready," advised @Bravieilunga.

"Change where you service your car or take for repairs, the Devil has its disciples planted randomly," wrote @OJeranyama.

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