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Ex-ZANU PF Youth leader tells Mnangagwa to resign

by Mandla Ndlovu
14 May 2019 at 20:48hrs | Views
Former ZANU PF Bulawayo Youth leader and Zimbabwe Congress of Students Union official Farai Mteliso has called upon President Emmerson Mnangagwa to resign because he has failed to provide solutions for the country's problems.

Mteliso who was reacting to the mini cabinet reshuffle done by Mnangagwa on Tuesday said, "ED is one low thinking chap. So he realised that Fortune Chasi Snr was now gaining favour with those in Zanu PF, MDC and neutrals, including those who were campaigning for his 2023 ZANU PF presidency (jokingly) and he had to appoint him into a ministry Joram Gumbo was leading in a country without fuel or means for it".

Dr Gumbo is now Minister of policy implementation in the office of the President.

"Listen here Mr Scarf man, Chasi's penis has no capacity to produce diesel, petrol nor paraffin , you are just changing a driver in a car that has no engine." Mteliso added. "The best thing you can do for Zimbabweans is to retire yourself, you have no clue nor idea as to what this country needs. Wakhalela nje amatapata ungela mazwane!"

Mteliso is one of the youth leaders who were Mnangagwa's foot soldiers during his days in ZNU PF. He is now based in Cyprus where he is furthering his studies.

Source - Byo24News