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Buyanga, ex fight intensifies

by Staff reporter
15 May 2019 at 09:54hrs | Views
SOUTH Africa-based businessman Frank Buyanga Sadiqi (40) has lodged a complaint against a senior police officer in a case in which he took his ex-girlfriend to court for refusing to comply with a court order.

The court order compelled Buyanga's ex, Chantelle Tatenda Muteswa (31), to give him their child's passport.

Muteswa recently appeared before Harare magistrate, Barbra Mateko facing contempt of court charges.

The complaint, which was addressed to the Commissioner-General Godwin Matanga, was lodged by Buyanga at the Police General Headquarters (PGHQ) on Monday.

"I am writing this letter as a follow up to a complaint I submitted to the Zimbabwe Republic Police regarding the alleged unbecoming behaviour of Superintendent Mavhudzi. I believe the complaint is in accordance with the ZRP's policy against abuse of office by officers.

"A fortnight has lapsed since I submitted a letter of complaint regarding alleged corrupt behaviour by Superintendent Mavhudzi. I have not received any satisfactory feedback regarding my complaint," Buyanga said.

According to the letter of complaint, Buyanga said on Friday April 19, 2019, and as per court order, Muteswa failed to deliver his son to him along with his passport as ordered by the court.

He said after several attempts to reach her and her lawyer, he then approached Borrowdale Police Station and made a report. The police also tried to locate her for several days with no success.

"After giving the police several incorrect undertakings, she eventually handed herself to the police on 25 April 2019. I received a call from the police station informing me that they would take her for a court appearance on 26 April 2019.

"At around 8pm, the investigating officer handling the matter called me to tell me that he had been instructed to immediately release her. He stated that he had been given a directive from Superintendent Mavhudzi to release the accused. I do not understand why this happened, the only logical conclusion is that he had been compromised as an officer of the law," Buyanga said.

He added: "I don't believe this alleged corrupt behaviour represents the values of the ZRP.

"President Mnangagwa's Government is trying to restore the public's faith in issues surrounding the security cluster, and most especially the police force, armed forces and justice system. Surely this kind of behaviour if proven would be contrary to the national interestsBuyanga said the alleged corrupt conduct of Supt Mavhudzi, in connivance with a detained person, was unlawful and should be a cause of concern,.

"This alleged behaviour falls outside the law and ZRP code of conduct. To this end, I ask that you treat my humble request with the urgency it deserves and take the necessary measures to end corruption within the police force that I am presently the victim of.

"Please advise me if you should require further information and it will be provided to you. I have, and in order to have it on record, reported the matter to the Zimbabwe Anti-Zimbabwe Corruption Commission to belt and brace authority efforts," he said.

Allegations are that on January 11, the magistrates' court ordered Muteswa to release the child's passport to Buyanga whenever he had access to the child.

The court heard that on April 19, Muteswa sent the child to Buyanga's house in the company of her maid, but did not release the passport as ordered by the court.

It is alleged that Buyanga was informed by his gardener that the child was now home, but without the passport, which prompted him to call Muteswa asking her about the passport, but she switched off her phone.

Buyanga then reported the matter at Borrowdale Police Station.

Source - hmetro
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