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Jonathan Moyo spills the beans on Grace Mugabe

by Mandla Ndlovu
18 May 2019 at 10:44hrs | Views
Former ZANU PF Politiburo member Jonathan Moyo has revealed that former First Lady Grace Mugabe was in a fierce competition with the G40 grouping in the battle to succeed President Robert Mugabe.

"Grace was never the face of the so-called G40, but was in fact in bitter competition with it. You people are in the wilderness about politics in Zimbabwe." Moyo said.

He further revealed that the Interface rallies were not meant to give Grace a platform but she took them over.  

"The rallies were real. But to leap from there and conclude that Grace was the face of the so-called G40 is a stretch. Remember the rallies were meant for President Mugabe to interface with the youth. Instead they became excruciatingly painful, as shocking demagoguery took over."

Turning to the plot to have Sydney Sekeramayi succeed Mugabe, he gave the following narrative:

It wasn't going to be a Mugabe/Sekeremayi issue in those simplistic terms. ZANU PF needed a Kibaki, to calm the older (Maputo) generation while inspiring the new generation (to take over from him) and Sekeremayi was one.

Dr Sekeremayi would have been a better TRANSITIONAL leader to calm down the Mgagao old guard, as he handed over to the younger generation.

There was no structure, actual or proposed, because Sekeremayi option never materialized beyond where Solomon Mujuru left it. Resistance to Sekeremayi was huge, even from quarters that claimed to support him during the day. So issue of deputies did not arise but Mphoko was safe.

Prof Moyo added that, "The dismissal of Joice Mujuru was engineered by coupists. The brains behind it were Chiwenga and Mnangagwa (with Chiwenga leading the onslaught through Army structures, especially MID and the Presidential Guard). The coup started by getting rid of Mujuru. This story is yet to be told."

Source - Byo24News