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Herald-Newsday fight escalates

by Mandla Ndlovu
20 May 2019 at 12:20hrs | Views
The altercation between The Herald and Newsday newspapers escalated on Monday with Acting Herald Editor Tichaona Zindoga accusing his Newsday counterpart  Mr Wisdom Mdzungairi of employing "subterfuge and bush tactics" in responding to an article that claimed a Newsday staffer in involved in regime change trainings.

"Mr Mdzungairi has a rather miserable reputation for dishonesty, that goes down to his very character. Mr Mdzungairi is hardly a paragon of personal and professional virtue."Zindoga wrote. "And on Saturday, he just brought out the worst in him. In his narrow mind, he wanted to portray The Herald as fickle and without values."

Commenting on the spat Newsday Deputy Editor Nqaba Matshazi gave the following narration:

The issue between NewsDay and Herald is a simple one. Herald received allegations from a source about a NewsDay journalist. Simple, ethical and professional thing to do was to call NewsDay to verify, they didn't. Smells like a hatchet job.

So they failed to be ethical or professional, even lacked common courtesy to ask. Now to end this. Herald has a duty to name the said journalist, seeing as NewsDay say all their journalists in the country.

Then, my mischievous mind thinks maybe the herald head honchos was given a fake story setting him up to fail, seeing as everyone who is named has rejected angrily to the allegations. So the guys fell for the story and now they are left with egg on their face

Source - Byo24News