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Ex-MDC Youth leader warns Chamisa

by Mandla Ndlovu
24 May 2019 at 16:09hrs | Views
Former MDC Youth leader Shephard Dube has warned MDC President Nelsoon Chamisa that his party runs the risk of suffering a stunted growth if he does not crack the whip on Congress delegates to turn from focusing of political positions but set their eyes on winning elections.

The former politician who has now resorted to private business practice was commenting to media reports that jostling for positions in the MDC had escalated on Thursday with factions aligned to Morgan Komichi and Tabitha Khumalo resorting to dirty tricks in blocking some delegates whom they said are not aligned to them.

Said Dube, "Chamisa must be warned that this Congress should never be about leadership positions, but strategies on how to manoeuvre in the political terrain that is infested by the security rogue and partisan security forces.

"If Chamisa as the one entrusted by his members to manage that party folds his hands and allow his congress become a battle of individual power, I would like to assure him he is going nowhere and his entity will suffer a stillbirth."

The ICT businessman said its time that Chamisa oversees a congress that shall invent new ways of of capturing state power.

"Look, the MDC has existed for 19 years, it has lost and won elections but has never been allowed to govern.   If the congress does not come up with alternative ways of capturing state power, it is yet another pointless opposition party activity. What Chamisa needs to understand is that the existent of a political party is conquest of state power and retention of state power then uses that power to create a conducive environment for citizens to flourish and private business people like us to enjoy the ease of doing business."

MDC's 5th Congress roared to life on Friday.

Source - Byo24News