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ZANU PF plots to hijack Dabengwa's funeral

by Mandla Ndlovu
26 May 2019 at 19:07hrs | Views
The ruling ZANU PF party is plotting to hijack the funeral of the late ZPRA Intelligence Supremo Dr Dumiso Dabengwa, Mthwakazi Republlic Party founding Spokesperson Mbonisi Gumbo has revealed.

Said Gumbo, "The official position is that the body of the late national and international hero was left in SA because of lack of space in the cargo. But information obtained here is that ZANU PF is trying to hijack the proceedings and silence ZAPU which is evil and satanic to say the list"

Gumbo says he overhead ZANU PF members who are at the funeral wake saying they have taken over Dabengwa's remains.

"I personal overheard ZANU PF members who have been brought here in buses saying that ngavayimbe ava ve ZAPU asi chituna tatora, chinhu ndechedu ichi. Literally declaring that ZAPU can sing and make noise but they have no power or authority they even say ZAPU is poor so they should shut up and allow the government to take over."

Gumbo urged ZANU PF members to respect Dangwa's wishes.

"Dr Dabengwa's wishes must be respected we stand with the Dabengwa family, ZPRA and ZAPU if Dr Dabengwa wanted to identify with ZANU he could have simple rejoined it. Respect our Commander. Just like white settler government, ZANU PF is so cunning and oppressive even to our customs and norms. We are against any attempts to silence ZAPU in times we stand with our Cdes in ZAPU."

Source - Byo24News