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Chamisa's reckless utterances, US hand, a recipe for disaster

by Khumbulani Vodloza Sibanda
26 May 2019 at 20:00hrs | Views
THE 2018 harmonised elections are now a distant memory after having produced one winner, President Emmerson Mnangagwa.

The other 21 Presidential hopefuls have accepted the outcome, but MDCAlliance leader, Nelson Chamisa is still agitating his supporters to hold demonstrations to claim what he terms a "stolen election" despite failing to prove before the courts his alleged victory.

A series of inter-connected events then unfolded which all point to Mr Chamisa's wish to provoke the authorities or create a conducive environment for a revolt against Government.

Mr Chamisa's provocative speeches first surfaced during his "thank you" rallies and they culminated in the January 2019 protests which had all the footprint of the MDC's DNA of violence. Since September 2018, Mr Chamisa had been promising to unleash violence at a larger scale under the guise of pushing Government to address the prevailing economic challenges.

Rights given under the Constitution such as freedom of speech and association have seen Chamisa becoming reckless with the microphone and uttering unimaginable words at the same time issuing threats which some are construing as treasonous.

While canvassing for support ahead of their 24 to 26 May 2019 Gweru congress Mr Chamisa uttered words which border on treason. Speaking in Chiredzi last Sunday, Chamisa provocatively said "We are not moving away from the July victory, that is why we are coming to thank you because we know you voted for the right person, but the wrong person grabbed power. He will not last in that position".

To show Chamisa's determination to enter the State House by hook and crook, during the same gathering he said Mr Nelson Chamisa "They are saying sanctions are behind the economic meltdown, yes, sanctions and Zanu-PF must go. They work hand-in-hand, when there is a Zanu-PF Government there will be sanctions. We have said we don't want sanctions on our country, but sanctions can only go when we remove Zanu-PF for which Zanu-PF invited sanctions. I told those in America that yes, we want to see normalisation of relations, but mark us, judge us on our reform agendaMr Chamisa has been refusing to have dialogue with President Mnangagwa or other 2018 Presidential hopefuls under the banner of Political Actors Dialogue (POLAD). Surprisingly Chamisa told his supporters "We have a deadlock of someone who was selected by the Constitutional Court and someone who was elected by the people. How do we negotiate a transitional authority which will resolve pressing issues? (President) Mnangagwa does not want that, but he will come. I told President Ramaphosa (Cyril, of South Africa) and President (Mogweetsi) Masisi (Botswana) that Mnangagwa must come to the negotiation table kicking and screamingOne of Chamisa's right hand men, MDC Deputy National Chairperson, Tendai Biti on one occasion blatantly said their mission was to install Chamisa at No 1 Chancellor Avenue (State House) before year end. How could that be when President Mnangagwa is still in office? Is this not a clear sign that the MDC want to remove a constitutionally elected Government from power? As if that is not enough, Chamisa and his so called security goons have decided to move around in unmarked vehicles all in the name of maintaining security around Chamisa. This is meant to provoke the authorities so that when he is arrested he would claim that he is being persecuted by law enforcement agents and the State at large. In short the young man is stirring the waters to see how far he can go with his nefarious regime change agenda.

Of late the media was awash with stories of MDC and CSOs members receiving training in the Maldives. It is a known fact that Chamisa's friends in the United States are busy advising him to have an "army" of MDC and CSO members who will trigger protests. Reports in the MDC circles are also alleging that the party is in the process of reviving their Democratic Resistance Committees (DRCs) which caused mayhem a few years ago burning police stations and injuring officers. All these machinations are meant to fan violence which will be difficult to control, thus straining the security apparatus in a bid to subdue them. This is the same strategy being used in Venezuela and was also used to oust Al Bashir in Sudan.

The US has long term plans to see to it that liberation movements in Southern Africa are removed from power and replaced by their stooges in the name of labour backed opposition political parties.

To show the seriousness of the issue, the US opened one of the largest embassies in Southern Africa in Zimbabwe recently. They want to use this embassy as a launch pad for regime change. One US diplomat, John Kent was caught with two rifles and two shot guns which he had smuggled into the country in 2016. One wonders why they smuggle arms into Zimbabwe. This is not the first time for US citizens to be caught on the wrong side of the law as a case was recorded in 1998 during the height of the Democratic Republic of Congo war when Americans were caught at the then Harare International Airport with guns leaving the country.

To dovetail with the MDC machinations, the US recently issued a travel warning to its citizens intending to travel to Zimbabwe citing "crime and civil unrest". Statistics at hand from shows that more crime is committed in the US than in Zimbabwe. In terms of violent crime (murder rate) US stands at 12 996 and ranked 9th versus Zimbabwe (1 775) at number 41 among other statistics. This alone shows that US citizens are safe in Zimbabwe than at their home and the warning is part of a bigger plan.

Last, but no least, Chamisa as a pastor should follow what the word of God says. In Romans 13 verses 1 to 2, the Bible (King James Version) says "Let every soul be subject unto higher powers. For there is no power but of God, the powers that be are ordained of God. Whosever therefore resisteth the power resisteth the ordinance of God and they that resist shall receive to themselves damnation". If Chamisa does not want to respect authority (President Mnangagwa) how does he expect to get respect when he gets into power? The word of God further says "do unto others what you want done unto you" as the same measure you are using against others will be used against you.

Source - sundaynews