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Gun shots in Chitungwiza

by Staff reporter
29 May 2019 at 11:55hrs | Views
SIX Chitungwiza men were last week arrested for allegedly attacking police detectives who were on duty at Makoni Shopping Centre.

Spencer Machangara, Rueben Machangara, Patrick Machangara, Sean Tofirei Chizhanje, Shingirai Marufu and Takunda Machangara appeared before Chitungwiza Magistrate Gideon Ruwedza charged with obstructing or defeating the course of justice.

The State led by Trinity Mandebvu alleges that on May 21, around 5 PM a team of detectives from CID Chitungwiza were on a blow up of the case involving Spencer Machangara who is accused of being in possession of a stolen phone. While at Makoni Shopping Centre the detectives identified themselves to Spencer who conducts a business of selling cell phones.

According to the State the detectives arrested Spencer and on their way to their car and the other accused people assaulted the detectives. Further allegations are that the accused barricaded the road with logs, chairs and stones demanding instant release of Spencer.

During the scuffle Takunda allegedly manhandled one of the detectives. During the scuffle another detective fired three warning shots before targeting Takunda on his leg.

All the accused are being represented by Charles Chikore of Chikore and Chigwaza Law chambers.

The defence counsel said the accused say that the detectives are just covering the fact that they shot a civilian without even a warning shot.

"Police wanted to arrest Spencer on suspicion of receiving a stolen cell phone.

"One of than jumped from a truck and con-fronted him by belting him.

"Takunda did not know that he was a police officer since they were in civilian clothes when they started beating him.

"Tawodzera then jumped out of the car and shot Takunda without a warning shot and without producing identification cards.

"All what they said in the state outline is a lie.

"They never blocked the road as alleged," said Chikore in court.

Chikore further told the court that the charge is just meant to protect the unprofessional conduct of the detectives.

"The charge is just a ploy to shield and clothe the barbaric as well as unsavoury conduct of their col-league who wantonly shot a civilian.

"There was no harm nor threat to them. No warning shot no nothing. "Such a conduct tarnishes the image of the police and the country.

"We should respect democratic rights,"" he said.

He added: "The President of Zimbabwe is busy trying to clean our past and bad conduct to enable us to re-en-gage the West and other stakeholders for the betterment of our country.

"I respect the police and their duties but I won't respect and support this, never!"

All the accused people remanded out of custody on s5o bail to June 6.

Source - hmetro