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Ndebele 'King' told to open a bank account

by Mandla Ndlovu
03 Jun 2019 at 13:11hrs | Views
Former MDC Youth leader Shephard Dube has urged claimant to the Ndebele throne King Bulelani Lobengula Khumalo to set up a bank account where he can receive tribute from his subjects.

Dube said him and his family will be contributing ten United States Dollars a month towards the Bulelani's treasury.

Dube added that the recognition of Bulelani by political leader was a sign that the Kingship issue was unstoppable.

Read his full statement below:

The people of Matabeleland have chosen to have a King. And it is folly for the government to try and stop that. I am not for kings, I prefer democracy but it has so far failed. ZANU PF keeps on rigging and undermining our votes. For now, until democracy begins to work in Zimbabwe, I will recognize King Bulelani as the sole and true representative of Matabeleland. On behalf of myself, my 2 kids and my wife I will contribute $US10 per month towards the King's treasury. I, therefore, call on the King to setup a bank account for me and my family to contribute towards the Kingdom.

 From the look of things, Bulelani Lobengula has become the defacto King of Matabeleland/Mthwakazi. Government of Zimbabwe may not recognize him, it makes no difference. Its just like MDC not recognizing ZANU PF. It wont stop ZANU PF from ruling... Bulelani is King and his Capital is Bulawayo, government recognition is of little to no consequence.... This is what happens when the state fails. People will create their own Parallel States. I am not a monarchist but I would Rather pay my Taxes to "King" Bulelani than Mnangagwa's government.

All it will take for King Bulelani to usurp the control of Matabeleland from both National and Local Governments is becoming charitable. Remember the people of Matabeleland have little to no respect for the government of Zimbabwe, and the local authorities are insignificant because of centralization of Power by the National Government. If he was to set up a Charity Organisation that deals with food security and education, all the people including monarchy-skeptics like myself will turn our hopes to him and disregard the government of Zimbabwe completely. Breaking the social contract between the people and the National Government.

 If the Government of Zimbabwe wants to cab the influence of King Bulelani, they will need to recognize him as King/Traditional Leader and enact a law that clearly defines the role and power of a Matabeleland King. If they Ignore the issue, he may become political and that will upset the levers of Democracy... We have seen it in KZN South Africa, where a King often dabbles into politics and cause social and political instability.

King Bulelani who is currently the defacto leader of Matabeleland is not setting up a traditional or ceremonial position of King. He intended to do so but the Government blocked him. By insisting that he is King, and with the following he has, it seems as though he is now running an Extra-Legal institution, with more power than he intended. The recognition by Nelson Chamisa, Welshman Ncube, Dumiso Dabengwa, Nkosana Moyo, and Matabeleland Chiefs springboarded him to the status of Defacto King. At this rate, in a post-ZANU PF era he may become both Dejure and Defacto. He justs need to keep at it.

Source - Byo24News