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Oscar Pambuka unmoved by attention seeker Passion

by Staff reporter
12 Jun 2019 at 08:59hrs | Views
SELF-PROCLAIMED prophet Oscar Pambuka says he will not lose sleep over Prophet Passion Java's recent video where he disses him as an attention seeker and fortune hunter.

Pambuka recently announced that he was forming a church.

"My first ever service is on this Sunday (tomorrow) in Houghton Park. Some were asking me the name of the ministry. It is called Oscar Pambuka Ministries. Come and see the power of God at work. Bring all the sick and afflicted."

In a video interview, which has since gone viral, Prophet Passion said Pambuka cannot just wake up as a prophet. He says prophets are born.

Passion said the economic challenges in the country are the reason Pambuka is now a prophet and instead urged the television personality to record dancehall music at Chillspot.

Interestingly, Pambuka already has a dancehall album and was involved in numerous projects including the ill-fated Zimdancehall awards while Prophet Passion is also into the genre and has a riddim currently trending.

Prophet Passion is based in the United States and charges US$300 for one-on-one sessions where people are advised that after registering, the meetings are based on his schedule and an average waiting time is "3-4 weeks but can fluctuate".

Crucially there are NO refunds and his reference to Pambuka seeking a fortune from being a prophet has a basis.

Pambuka, who was once convicted of fraud, said there was no bad blood between him and Passion even though the latter was trying to gain attention by taking a swipe at him.

"I thought Passion was a man of God but the way he behaved got me thinking otherwise.

"Anyway I will not be offended because everyone is entitled to their own thoughts, hanzi Oscar akupenga," said Pambuka.

"I will never create any beef with any man of God. I think Passion has a problem with me because I have a lot to say about Passion but I will not say anything.

"I think akutsvaga attention, iye wani airova mangoma weekend haana kumbotaurwa nezvake," he said.

Pambuka said he was not worried about doubting Thomases since everyone has a different mission and purpose in life.

"I will not be moved by those who doubt me. People should understand everyone has a mission here on earth which must be fulfilled.

"I am a man on a mission," said Pambuka.

The veteran television personality said he faces temptations like everyone else even though he chooses to remain committed to his calling.

"I face temptations like everyone else but I just stick to my calling and directive instructions from God who chose me to serve," he said.

The founder of Oscar Pambuka Ministries said he has no spiritual father but he has mentors who help him out with his ministry.

"I do not have any spiritual father, God in heaven is my spiritual father even though Prophet Magaya is my mentor, he really motivates me a lot," said Pambuka.

Source - hmetro