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Good back-up power now essential for security systems

by Staff reporter
16 Jun 2019 at 19:02hrs | Views
Safeguard Security has advised householders and business people to ensure their properties are secure and that security alarm batteries are adequate to protect their properties during electricity load shedding, particularly at night.

The recently introduced load shedding, which is seeing some areas going without electricity for more than 10 hours every day, is leaving both residential and business premises vulnerable to burglary and theft, if back-up power is not planned correctly.

"Security system batteries are normally charged by mains electricity. If there are prolonged power cuts, then the battery is being used without being charged. The more a battery is used the shorter its life generally is, as batteries are rated to a number of cycles," commented Safeguard Alarms managing director Reason Chitiva.

"It is important that batteries are not run flat, as this has a negative impact on the battery's life and for how long the battery can hold a charge.

"Making sure you have adequate battery back-up to work throughout the duration of an extended power cut, which it seems in many cases can be as long as 12 hours on average per day, is important," he said.

He said Safeguard recommended serious consideration be given to installing solar power for the security system.

"Small solar systems connected directly to security systems should not be expensive to install. They are an excellent investment, as, if batteries are looked after correctly, they deliver security and significant peace of mind," he said.

He said wireless technology that is not reliant on mains electricity is also an excellent option. Examples of such technology included the Video Alarm, which Safeguard was the first to introduce and which is still in use around the country, and Roboguard, an early warning unit that emits infrared sensor beams that can detect motion up to 20 metres away within a 110 degree arc.

The Video Alarm has the added advantage of providing an image of what activated the alarm. Roboguard is essentially a do-it-yourself system. Wireless and easy to use, it is available for indoor and outdoor use.

"Thousands of these units have been installed. It is an excellent security product for a Zesa free situation," Mr Chitiva said.

"It is also important to control and restrict access to your premises. Physical security barriers such as razor wire fences, burglar bars and Xpanda security doors and screens for doors and windows can help keep intruders out," he added.

He said that, since most people make sure their cellphones are charged, the Safeguard SOS App, which can be downloaded from Play Store by Safeguard rapid response customers, provides another excellent back-up when there is no electricity.

"If an emergency occurs, you just press a panic button on the app and Safeguard immediately dispatches the nearest rapid response team to assist you," he said.

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