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Meet the Chinese man who beat Chief Chivero

by Mandla Ndlovu
20 Jun 2019 at 11:19hrs | Views
Temba Mliswa has posted a pictures of two Chinese nationals who are accused of abusing Zimbabweans at Sunny Yi Feng in Norton.

Said Mliswa, "Mr. William Gung  and Mr. Zhong (right, in blue worksuit). Gung is the one destroying things at Sunny Yi Feng. He has been in Zimbabwe for many years, now speaks Shona and has been lying to his Chinese friends that all is in control.

"Zhong is the one who assaulted the Chief and must face the full wrath of the law and be deported. We will not stand aside and  watch such barbaric behaviour go on."

Mliswa added that there is corruption happening involving the police and the politicians to protect the Chinese nationals.

"It would appear that some sort of corruption is going on between the Chinese and police in the Chief Chivero matter. I have it on good authority that the Chief is being persuaded to withdraw the matter and will be having a press conference with the Chinese at Sunny Yi Feng Tiles.

"I've now been advised that certain Ministers got involved to force the Chief to withdraw.....shame on them!! I'll be naming and shaming once I get to the bottom of this."

Source - Byo24News