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Chamisa's ability to lead questioned

by Mandla Ndlovu
01 Jul 2019 at 08:57hrs | Views
Former ZANU PF Youth Leader Farai Mteliso has questioned MDC President Nelson Chamisa's ability to lead a mass struggle arguing that the newly elected leader was neglecting hundreds of masses arrested during the January brutal crackdown by state agents.

The firebrand student leader said, "President Chamisa we have over 200 youths from Mat land, who were arrested during the Jan protests and not even a single leader has found it worthy visiting them were they are detained today at Khami Max security prison."

Mteliso said Chamisa must come out in the open to tell Zimbabweans if he is the one who will lead them to Canaan or he is just an opportunist.

"Today the youth assembly is doing all it can to re energize and radicalize from urban to rural communities, but you are not doing anything at all to compliment their efforts towards attaining our ultimate independence from this monster regime.

"Are you the one to save this situation or not, so that we dont waste our energies and Hope's on the wrong person. This struggle is not short of people to lead it, come out clean or else we assume. Are you willing to die with the masses or you are waiting to cheer from the sidelines while you make your way to the elite negotiating tables to become a motorcade residing officer? It's now or never."

Bulawayo lawyer Sindiso Mazibisa said Chamisa was reneging on his duties.

"Agreed! The Movement is sleeping on duty and as President he is getting too docile."

Source - Byo24News