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MDC Chamisa, Zanu-PF Mnangagwa urged to bury the hatchet

by Staff reporter
06 Jul 2019 at 10:05hrs | Views
Zanu-PF National Political Commissar Victor Matemadanda has called on political parties to bury their differences and work towards the development of the nation.  

Matemadanda who was speaking during a clean-up exercise at Kudzanayi long distance bus terminus in Gweru yesterday said elected political leaders must work towards the development of the nation and not waste time on petty issues.

"I have seen a scenario here in Gweru where all the 18 local councillors are from the MDC Alliance. This means Zanu-PF did not perform well here and the contestants conceded that they did not win the election. What then surprises me is that there are some political leaders who are not conceding defeat. They contested in court but still did not win," he said.

"We are way past the election period but they have not woken up to reality. I want to urge all political players that unity and tolerance is key to development."

He took a swipe at retailers charging exorbitant prices and pricing goods in foreign currency saying the new dispensation will not tolerate moves to derail the developmental path that the nation has taken.

Matemadanda singled out pharmacies he said were still charging prices in forex and transport operators who he said were charging exorbitant fares. He also took time to explain the ongoing austerity measures that are being implemented by Government.

"As a nation we really needed to get to a point to have our own currency. No nation has ever developed using foreign currency. We want our youths, women and vendors to contribute towards national development. They can only do that if they transact using local currency. The American dollar is being manipulated by economic sharks who want to further cripple our economy. We are now in the process of formalising the informal economy," he said.

Matemadanda applauded Zimbabweans for ignoring a call to participate in a stayaway that flopped on Monday.

"I am proud of your response to the call for stay away that was being organised by enemies of the state. Well done for shunning that call. You now value your work and you know very well that such actions will not put food on your tables but disturb your peace," he said.

Matemadanda said corruption will not be tolerated.

"You cannot afford to be half right and half corrupt. It is either you are corrupt or not. And corrupt individuals will not be tolerated," he said.

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