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Temba Mliswa defiant

by Mandla Ndlovu
06 Jul 2019 at 20:25hrs | Views
Norton Member of Parliament Temba Mliswa says he will not stop fighting for the people of Norton against the abuse they are suffering under the Chinese contractors with firms in Norton.

Mliswa was speaking after a delegation of Ministers toured a Chinese firm in Norton and generated a positive report.

Mliswa was in the news recently after leading a spirited fight against one Chinese national who beat up Chief Chivero with martial arts and he was later deported.

There have been allegations of Chinese nationals infecting women with incurable disease during a sex for job session.

Read Mliswa's full statements below:

There's absolutely no way I can remain quiet when pleas like this continue to flow to me. The truth is the truth and no amount of sugar coated PR stunts can hide the facts. In fact I thank ZBC TV for their coverage of the site which exposed and confirmed my assertions regarding the lack of protective clothing. The report was tepid to say the least.

I'll continue to represent the people passionately, ferociously and effectively. I'm different from other MPs as I'm on the ground with the people and sensitive to their needs. My various open lines of communication ensure that I'm readily accessible.

It's unfortunate that the Ministers that have visited the site do so without notifying me as the sitting MP. As MPs themselves I wonder if they'd appreciate the same lack of protocol in their own constituencies. I doubt so very much, it's courteous to communicate & allows for a detailed briefing. The role of an effective MP enables one to be abreast of the goings on in the community, positive & negative.

I'll not stop representing people, I'll not stop defending the laws of the country, I'll not stop protecting the environment. I'm willing to work with anyone who's committed to comply but surprisingly the government wants to ignore steps at compliance & conjure a different narrative.

Zimbabw is open for business but not for human exploitation. This is not a joke and we wouldn't want Mnangagwa to officiate at something that isn't properly compliant. Work on the ground is beginning positively but will require constant, strict monitoring

Yes production is good but at what cost? Let the equation balance. I remain resolute in ensuring the people get what they deserve. It must be a win-win situation and Norton will set the precedence.

Allow us to build the Norton we want. Allow us to build the Mash West we want &ultimately allow us to build the country we want. Many great relationships were built on the back of initial tussles and I can foresee a long and illustrious future when lawfulness and compliance are instilled.

Source - Byo24News