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MDC leaders told to resign

by Mandla Ndlovu
10 Jul 2019 at 14:14hrs | Views
Bulawayo lawyer Sindiso Mazibisa has urged the MDC leadership to resign if they are failing to provide the necessary leadership that the people of Zimbabwe need to solve the problems bedevilling the country.

The firebrand lawyer was commenting after the MDC leadership issued a statement distancing the party from statements uttered by Sikhala that the  President Emmerson Mnangagwa will be overthrown before 2023 elections.

"The obvious echoes of support for Job Wiwa Sikhala are the testimony that people are tired and need leadership, if its hard people must resign," Mazibisa said. "Assumption of public office comes at a price. Even the millions given to MDC under the political parties finance act must be used to galvanize the masses for action."

Mazibisa said the MDC MPs must stage a sit-in at the parliament building and refuse to be fed with fancy food while the masses are suffering.

"Political cowardice and officious bystander attitudes are not acceptable. Its time for elected leaders across the Political divide to act. More specifically can MDC elected leaders stand up and be counted and stop the five-star hotel rice and chicken, ice cream attitude. This cheezeboy generation of politicians is a waste of time and money.

"The day MDC MPs stage a sit-in e Parliament and refuse to go to the hotels for ice cream, spaghetti and 100% juice and they mobilise kuma constituencies Zimbabweans shall be free. Worries about Ford Rangers and 4by4 vehicles and increased loot in allowances are misplaced and a betrayal of our yesteryear votes.

"Kid gloves politics will not bring electricity, water, cash, sanitary pads, food etc for our people. Thinking of moving from Harvest House to State House without passing via chikurubi or khami prison will not happen."

MDC President Nelson Chamisa has been criticized for being a docile leader.

Source - Byo24News