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'War Lords to take over Zimbabwe'

by Mandla Ndlovu
19 Jul 2019 at 10:17hrs | Views
Zimbabwe will soon be run by War Lords who will drive the country to the level where Somalia is, political analysts have said.

South Africa based political analyst Fortune Mlalazi said the leaked audio between Auxilia Mnangagwa and Presidential Guard Commander Murombo clearly showed that the country was descending into a banana republic which is run by war lords instead of elected officials.

"If you listen analytically to the audio that was leaked by the army recently you will understand that you have a powerful clique of armed officials who are running politicians which is clearly against the constitution of the country which says they must be subservient to the civilian government. "Mlalazi said. "Remember that it is said when this Murombo guy was being moved from Dzivarasekwa to PG HQ he said he wants to go with his whole battalion of 5000 men. This shows you that there is a person who thinks he owns a battalion and can command them anytime which is typical of war lord system developing in the country."

Constitutional lawyer Shephard Dube said what is peculiar about Zimbabwe's war lords is that there are not only military leaders but there are political leaders running militias and have a command of some sections of the armed forces.

"You will have a person like Owen Mudha Ncube who runs an AlShabaab militia in Kwekwe that is responsible for terrorizing citizens and taking over mines. This powerful man in Midlands is known as the war lord of that area and nothing passes without his approval. And in their nature war lords run cartels that are for self-enrichment and not for the benefit of the state. So very soon we are going to see Zimbabwe fast sliding to the debris level of Somalia if the citizens do not stop these cartels from running down our motherland."

Source - Byo24News