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Temba Mliswa writes to Nelson Chamisa

by Mandla Ndlovu
19 Jul 2019 at 13:46hrs | Views
Norton Member of Parliament Temba Mliswa has appealed to MDC leader Nelson Chamisa to rein in his councilors who are reportedly sabotaging the Constituency by refusing to work with the Member of Parliament.

Mliswa said the councilors are beneficiaries of ill-gotten wealth and they have ditached themselves from the people.

He urged Chamisa to instruct them to attend feedback meetings and work well with the MP.

Read the full statement below:

I think it's about time you zero in on your Norton Councillors, especially the likes of former Chair Mufahore, Tapera and Mazarura who are certainly not working in your favour to the effect that a demo is looming.

They tell management not to attend feedback meetings to the people and are alleged to own numerous ill-gotten stands said to be received from Killer Zivhu of which Mufahore currently has a matter before the courts. They are known to consort with ZANUPF land barons.

Current Chair Gumisirayi tries his level best to work with people but the Vice Mutatabikwa influences the aforementioned to work against Gumisirayi to remove him. The people of Norton are very clear in what they want & don't want & Councillors should be on the ground to listen

I respect you my brother Nelson Chamisa and have written to you several times regarding the chaos being created by your Councillors. I've invited you to Norton to talk to the people first hand in this regard.

Norton doesn't have a water plant despite plans to install and we're importing water. Would be suppliers are being corruptly denied opportunity to establish the plant due to greed. Nelson Chamisa these people aren't representing you well and will deny you the chance of winning Norton.

We've an All Stakeholders Meeting tomorrow & I have it on good authority that they've been caucused not to attend. They indiscriminately changed the NTC PR Gavara, who was doing well to restore confidence in the Council and was hands on, on the back of working closely with me.

They're losing the plot and free-falling. I've spoken with Biti and Hwende.Mutatabikwa is going astray. They've failed to deliver to the people and  don't go to the people. They Chair Committees but don't have the capacity.

I'd strongly recommend that they attend tomorrow's meeting to hear from the people for their own good and we expect the Town Secretary's attendance to report to the people. Norton further demands the reinstatement of Gavara as PR we shouldn't have to demonstrate but will if pushed.

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