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Zimbabwe's Queen Bee unmasked

by Mandla Ndlovu
22 Jul 2019 at 19:38hrs | Views
President Emmerson Mnangagwa has been unmasked as the mysterious Queen Bee character who is behind then majority of the shady corrupt companies that are benefitting from fraudulent deals in the country.

The term Queen became popular after whistleblower William Gerald Mutumanje made startling revelations of a powerful individual who leads a mafia like cartel that controls all sectors of the economy.

South African based political analyst Fortune Mlalazi said the new shocking revelations of up to US$3 billion missing and unaccounted for under the Command Agriculture project has made it clear that Queen Bee is Emmerson Mnangagwa.

"Command Agriculture has long been touted as one of ED Mnangagwa's most innovative and effective projects that have benefitted the nation. Emmerson Mnangagwa has been known to be the patron and godfather of Command Agriculture while Perence Shiri was dubbed the face of command Agriculture, first as Chief Air Marshal then as Minister Agriculture." Mlalazi said.  "Kuda Tagwirei is a name that cannot go unmentioned in the command Agriculture success story or lack thereof. Kuda Tagwirei is said to be the financial engineer and brains behind the structured finance model of Command Agriculture which has become Command theft with a missing 3 billion to its name.

"In his capacity as Patron and godfather of Command Agriculture Emmerson Mnangagwa has intimate knowledge of the missing 3 billion, the structure of Command Agriculture as well as the overall figures and beneficiaries of Command Agriculture. It is interesting to note that Zimbabwe Anti corruption commission is now making a play at snifing into the goings on at Command Agriculture. The Command buck does not stop with Colonel Shumba nor does it stop with Perence Shiri, it goes all the way to the patron and godfather of the project."

Constitutional lawyer Shepherd Dube said the Zimbabwe Anti-corruption Commission must leave no stone unturned in unmasking Mnangagwa.

"The activities of the past week have shown us that the country is run a by mafia boss who is bent on using every avenue he can to make sure he loots till Zimbabwe is like Somalia. We are happy that Justice Matanda Moyo is in a no nonsense mood and has promised that there will be no sacred cows."

During the election MDC leader Nelson Chamisa linked Mnangagwa to the mythical Queen Bee figure.  

"I heard someone saying there is Queen Bee. I do not know who Queen Bee is but, that person seems cannot be easily arrested. Whenever there is Queen Bee, there should be King Bee also and those people should be exposed," Chamisa said. "King Bee should be the leader of the country who knows how the country is being run. They are involved in fuel, chrome, diamond and gold deals, stealing from ordinary Zimbabweans."

Source - Byo24News