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Government defends Mnangagwa's 'kitchen cabinet'

by Mandla Ndlovu
23 Jul 2019 at 19:02hrs | Views
Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Information Publicity and Broadcasting Services Nick Mangwana has defended the Presidential Advisory Council members and equated them to  other similar institutions elsewhere.

"Leaders through the world rely on their cabinets and a couterie of advisors 4 counsel aka a kitchen cabinet'. Donald Trump-Jared Kushner etc. Kagame has PAC, Theresa May uses Special Advisors. Obama called his Obama's Honorary Kitchen Cabinet. ED calls his PAC." Mangwana said.

When asked whether the PAC was not a club of bootlickers Mangwana said proceedings at the PAC meetings were robust and candid.

"If you have the opportunity to seat in when PAC is giving its advice on issues, you would realise how ill-informed and assumptive your intervention is. They are robust, candid and brutal even. They don't bootlick. They give unrestrainedly frank advice."

President Mnangagwa established the 26-member Presidential Advisory Council (PAC) to advise and assist him in formulating key economic policies and strategies that advance Vision 2030. Vision 2030 entails making Zimbabwe an upper middle-income country with gross national income (GNI) per capita of between $3,896 and $12,055, according to the World Bank's technical calculations, implying high standards of living for citizens

Source - Byo24News