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Mthwakazi President told to resign

by Mandla Ndlovu
05 Aug 2019 at 12:21hrs | Views
Shadowy and vocal Facebook character Imbizo Foram has called upon the President of Mthwakazi Republic Party Mqondisi Moyo to resign from his position because he has failed to inspire confidence in the people of Matabeleland and win even a council seat for his party.

Writing on Monday Imbizo said, "Kanti le ndoda isekhonanje? If ekhona ephilile kahle, today I would suggest that he does the honourable thing and quit the Presidency of his party, he is now undoubtedly out of his depth."

Imbizo further urged Moyo to introspect about the role he has played so far.

"Take a step back, reflect bafo and decide your future, you have run your race, you can now take another path and serve your people in other capacities."

Imbizo's statements come at a time when the vocal MRP lost dismally in the Lupane elections that were held over the weekend.

The seat was won by ZANU PF.

Former MRP spokesperson Mbonisi Solomon Gumbo urged the party to dump its aggressive stance and speak to issues affecting communities.

"I have been talking to MRP comrades to tone down on insults and focus on real and uncontested issues. Straight Forward message Nothing for us without us. Everyone agree to this. Accept that our only and biggest enemy is ZANU PF party and it's institutionalised system of government-sponsored segregation and tribalism against us.

"Stop the "Asicengi" mentality it will not work. We need everyone onboard, we need to start dealing with discipline, procedure and protocol within and amongst ourselves. We are contesting against MDC and ZANU PF who deploy their leadership full-time at party headquarters and have dozens of employees of the respective parties. Yet we are part time." Gumbo said.

Source - Byo24News