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Lupane shows faith in Zanu-PF, don't trust Chamisa?

by editorial - chronicle
06 Aug 2019 at 07:31hrs | Views
THE victory by the ruling Zanu-PF party in three by-elections in Matabeleland North at the weekend is significant on many fronts in as far as the revolutionary party's endorsement by the people at a time when President Emmerson Mnangagwa's Government is making serious strides to revive the economy.  

Party candidates Mbongeni Dube won the Lupane East seat while Thandekile Dube won the Bubi District Ward 22 seat. Qhubani Nyoni bagged the Nkayi District Ward 23 seat in Saturday's by election. Also significant is that the party won at a time when some Western countries, themselves having played a part in the destruction of the country through ruinous sanctions, were trying to create a false narrative that Zimbabwe is now worse than it was under former President Robert Mugabe.

The opposition MDC Alliance has also tried to push the same narrative to support the equally spurious claim that their leader Mr Nelson Chamisa won the 2018 presidential elections.

The vote of confidence in the ruling party nullifies all those weak arguments as the people expressed their confidence in the leadership of President Mnangagwa and his Government to take the country forward. Zanu-PF secretary for administration Dr Obert Mpofu said the party's victory shamed the country's detractors and laid bare Mr Chamisa's false claims to the country's presidency.  

"The results dispel all beliefs and perceptions that are being floated around the globe and within the country that the people of Zimbabwe are in a worse situation than they were before," he said.

Dr Mpofu said instead, what Zimbabweans were experiencing were birth pangs of a prosperous country as President Mnangagwa's administration implements new policies and ideas meant to turnaround the economy.

"We have been saying that whatever is happening, there is no government in this world which can come up with policies which are meant to demoralise the people so everything that Government is doing is meant to better the people's lives," he said.  

Dr Mpofu said while turning around the country's fortunes was never going to be an overnight thing, the Government was implementing policies to reverse the damage the country suffered in many years under the old dispensation.  

"The people are very clear about what they want, they are very clear on the policies of the party, policies decided by the ruling party at their congresses and conferences so we are going to continue winning these elections whenever there is a by-election. The MDC should know that they won't win anything," he said.

"The people are giving the Government a chance to deliver on its promises which is what has happened. The MDC was there in its full force headed by their leader but people said they cannot be associated with a party which has no clear policies hence they stuck with the ruling party which is commendable and we are really excited about it."  

Dr Mpofu said the elections also served to prove the falsehood of MDC Alliance leader Mr Chamisa's claims that he won the 2018 elections.  

"The victory by Zanu-PF in the local government and Parliamentary by-elections is a clear indication to Chamisa, who has been lying to the world that he won the elections. These by-elections show what people think about him. In Lupane you can imagine the number of (MDC Alliance) top leadership that was here and led by him, but the people have said no, we don't want you and this rhetoric that he won is founded on no grounds at all, it is just wishful thinking which is not realistic," he said.

Symbolically, the Zanu-PF victory comes in the month of August when the country, during the Heroes' Day and Defence Forces' Day holidays, honours sons and daughters of the soil who sacrificed their lives in the fight to liberate Zimbabwe from colonial bondage.  

In the same vein, the Lupane East constituency won by the revolutionary Zanu-PF party is linked to the history of the struggle against foreign domination.  It is in an area called Pupu where in 1893 Major Allan Wilson, in the service of the British South Africa Company and his patrol, met their deaths at the hands of King Lobengula's army.

That piece of history is illuminated in the context of recent efforts by Western countries to try and smear the Government as they do the bidding of the opposition who for long have been planning to unleash violence in the country as part of a broader scheme to further an illegal regime change agenda.  

The victory, therefore, serves as a reminder that despite attaining independence ushered in by the gallant sons and daughters of the soil whose memory is celebrated in this month of August, the struggle is far from over, as enemies of Zimbabwe and their agents are burning midnight oil to throw spanners in the works.

The consolation is that like the people of Matabeleland North expressed at the weekend, the majority of Zimbabweans have faith in the ruling party and Government led by President Mnangagwa as the only institutions that will deliver them to the Promised Land.

Source - chroncile