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Special salaries for Zimbabwean Army

by Mandla Ndlovu
13 Aug 2019 at 15:02hrs | Views
President Emmerson' Mnanaggwa has told the nation that the conditions of service for military officers will be improved to hedge them against the vagaries of inflation.

Addressing during the Defense Forces day on Tuesday Mnangagwa said, "My administration remains committed to improving the service of our armed forces. My governemt is aware that our Defense Force is equally affected by the economic difficulties faced by the whole citizenry. Efforts are  at an advanced stage to reintroduce the military salary concept."

The Public Service Commission says the Uniformed Forces Department is in the process of doing the following:

•    Processing and making recommendations to the three Commissions on requests and policy issues affecting members of the Uniformed Forces.
•    Rationalisation and administration of Salary Structures for all ranks of the Uniformed Forces, ZDF (ZNA and AFZ), ZRP and ZPCS.
•    Periodic preparation of Salary Assimilation Tables for the fifty two (53) ranks of the Uniformed Forces for easy implementation by the Pay Points,
(SSB and ZAPAR).

•    Reviewing of regulated Uniformed Forces and General Service Allowance for the Uniformed Forces i.e. Military Salary Concept Allowances, ZRP
and ZPCS Regulated Allowances.
•    Adopting and adapting generally applicable Public Service Allowances to make conditions of service more attractive for the Uniformed Forces i.e. Subsistence, Housing, Transport, Disturbance, Acting, Representation, Call Out/On Call, Standby, Field duty.
•    Investigating and processing grievances for members of the Uniformed Forces for consideration and approval by the three Commissions.
•    Reviewing establishments of the Uniformed Forces and carrying out periodic staff audits in ZRP and ZPCS to ascertain the Forces/Public ratio so as to
recommend on improvements to existing conditions of service.

•    Updating and drafting of amendments to regulations affecting the Uniformed Forces.
•    Manage calendar of events for the three (3) Commissions meetings where critical issues affecting the Uniformed Forces are deliberated and approved
for implementation.

•    Communicating the three (3) Commissions' decisions to the Forces and following up on implementation and of administrative decisions.
•    Providing statistical information to stakeholders upon request.
•    Facilitating the re-appointment of ex-Uniformed Forces members into the Public Service.

Source - Byo24News/PSC