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Chivayo calls on Zimbabweans to boycott Aug. 16 protests

by ZimLive
14 Aug 2019 at 22:39hrs | Views
Controversial businessman Wicknell Chivayo sparked internet fury on Wednesday after calling on Zimbabweans to boycott protests called by the main opposition Movement for Democratic Change.

The renewable energy proponent claimed the protests were going to be violent and would not yield the MDC's desired outcome of forcing Zanu-PF out of power.

"It's definitely going to be violent. MDC leaders know very well that a peaceful protest won't have an impact, they have already planned to unleash anarchy," Chivayo wrote on Facebook, offering no evidence to support his claim.

"Police and soldiers will definitely intervene. It won't end well, stay safe."

Chivayo's intervention roiled Zimbabweans, who accused him of seeking shelter in Zanu-PF to avoid a potential fresh fraud probe over a US$172 million tender for the construction of a 100MW solar power plant in Gwanda, which he has not delivered four years on.

"The war of independence was fought by brave men and women. Boys and girls took charge and risked their lives to have this thing we call independence now. And if they had stayed indoors and listened to corrupt, rich people who know nothing but to post discouraging stupid posts, there was never gonna be a Zimbabwe," one Michael Younging hit out at Chivayo.

Blasted Godwin Ncube: "You are benefiting from the evil regime while we wallow in abject poverty. We will march and we are prepared to die this time."

Chivayo's post had attracted over 1,200 comments within nine hours of being posted, most of them negative.

In his lengthy post, Chivayo accused MDC leader Nelson Chamisa of "wanting people to die first before joining the dialogue" with President Emmerson Mnangagwa, whom the MDC accuses of electoral fraud in elections last year.

Chamisa has refused to recognise Mnangagwa as president and maintains that he will only enter talks with the Zanu-PF leader in a dialogue convened by a neutral mediator and whose outcomes will be underwritten by the African Union and the United Nations.

"After the demo, Mnangagwa will still be President and Zanu-PF in power. Let's not be in denial, Chamisa can't be President even if Mnangagwa resigns. Zanu-PF will simply choose a successor, that's what the Constitution says. Zanu-PF has two thirds majority, they can impeach Chamisa even if he had won the elections. Chamisa must focus on winning the rural votes, he is wasting time on useless things," Chivayo charged.

Chivayo, who has been constructing solar energy projects in the region after the Gwanda solar power plant stalled, claimed the current economic crisis in Zimbabwe was a result of "painful but necessary reforms", while giving Mnangagwa credit for "taking the unpopular but right decisions."

"We are facing challenges and they shall come to pass. We need peace and dialogue. Don't die for a politician. Don't be arrested for a politician. Don't be injured for a politician. Focus on your lives and don't join the August 16 demo," the businessman pleaded.

Meanwhile, Chivayo on Wednesday tweeted a picture of himself meeting top South African lawyers Dali Mpofu and Tembeka Ngcukaitobi.

A request for a comment from the businessman elicited a typically arrogant reply: "I'm structuring big power projects all over Africa and I don't have to be explaining to everyone what I'm doing in my personal space."

Source - ZimLive
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