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Biti takes on Mnangagwa

by Daniel Itai
21 Aug 2019 at 08:04hrs | Views
The vice-president of the Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) Alliance, Tendai Biti is now fed up with Zimbabwe's President, Emmerson Mnangagwa such that he wants him gone as soon as possible.

Unlike his president Nelson Chamisa who usually quotes Bible scriptures as a way of revealing his notions Biti is seemingly fuming with fury yesterday Biti labelled Mnangagwa's leadership as "an illegitimate paranoid, soulless vampire regime."

This notion was further exacerbated by the recent anticipated MDC demonstrations that have been revoked by the courts with the police and the army also playing a pivotal role in making sure that the MDC doesn't hold the demonstrations.

So far the anticipated demonstrations that were meant to commence last Friday in the nation's capital Harare, Monday Bulawayo and yesterday Gweru have all been nullified by the courts.

On the other hand the constitution of Zimbabwe allows people to demonstrate but in this case it seems as if partisanship is being used to give the ultimate verdict.

However, Mnangagwa seems to be talking the talk as he was in support of minister Monica Mutsvangwa's ministry of information, publicity and broadcasting which issued a   statement saying that, "torture arbitrary punishment and degrading treatment of citizens by anyone is contrary to the provisions of the constitution and ethos of the second Republic."

Last Friday in the nation's capital the police recorded 91 arrests that were connected with the planned demonstrations with a number of people reportedly tortured by police and the army.

Nkululeko Sibanda Chamisa's spokesperson said that, "the (MDC) president has plans to travel to major international centres, including Moscow and Beijing, some capitals in Europe and the West, just to highlight the extent of the problem in terms of how the problem is man-made and how the problem is costing millions of lives and has threatened food security for millions of people,"

Zimbabwe is facing a lot of socioeconomic challenges on a daily basis that are continually making life to be unbearable and urgent intervention is needed to alleviate the socioeconomic pandemonium.

Regardless, the MDC Alliance is still soldiering on to other cities hoping that the courts will allow them to demonstrate.

Source - Daniel Itai