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Jonathan Moyo spend sleepless nights thinking of Mugabe

by Mandla Ndlovu
21 Aug 2019 at 20:27hrs | Views
Professor Jonathan Moyo says he has spent sleepless trying to understand why former President Robert did not take any action after the politiburo video presentation that he did.

Moyo was responding to one Joram Mubaiwa who had said, "Just watched the presentation by Jonathan Moyo to the Politiburo about the Blue Ocean Project. Two years later everything has come to pass. I also agree kuti takaitiswa. My question Prof, With all that evidence why did Mugabe not act? Why?"

The exiled Professor then said, "I have tossed and turned over many long nights pondering precisely that question to no avail!"

Journalist Mthulisi Mathuthu suggested that Mugabe did not believe his comrades will betray him.

"While we may not know why he didn't act it may not be wrong to say part of the reason was that Mugabe disdained and trusted ED and Chiwenga. They were his boys; his 'things'. He never imagined they would betray him."

Source - Byo24News