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Customers welcome new Zesa tariff system

by Staff reporter
23 Aug 2019 at 07:31hrs | Views
Masvingo residents have hailed the new electricity tariff system introduced by the Zimbabwe Electricity Transmission and Distribution Company, saying it compels domestic consumers to use electricity sparingly.

According to the tariff system, domestic consumers who use more than 50kWh of electricity every month will pay more for the extra units.

The system is designed to prevent wastage of electricity and encourage consumers to buy electricity once per month. The new system replaced the flat system by domestic consumers that promoted wastage of power.

Masvingo residents who spoke to The Herald after buying electricity using the new system commended ZETDC for the payment method which was introduced in line with the approved tariff adjustments by Finance and Economic Development Minister Professor Mthuli Ncube in his 2019 Mid-Term Budget.

"This is a welcome system that encourages people to conserve power," said Mrs Sheila Muganhu of Mucheke suburb.

"I bought my electricity voucher for the first time using this system, but I find it to be more progressive.

"For domestic users it is actually cheaper because the price band for the first 50kWh is actually lower. The moment you want to buy more than 50kWh for domestic use it is clear that you are either being wasteful or you are using the electricity for other purposes."

Another Masvingo resident from Rujeko Mr Amon Makwati said: "I think there was not enough education and communication about this system from Zesa before its introduction, but in my view it's actually a good and progressive system.

"Apart from saving power, the system also saves electricity consumers their hard earned cash because no one will be willing to spend money on electricity charges in the event that they know they are going to get less units after exhausting the first 50kWh.

"Some may want to view the system as punitive, but I think it actually encourages people to use electricity sparingly, especially at this point in time when we are facing shortages as a country."

In a statement last week, Zesa Holdings public relations manager Mr Fullard Gwasira said: "In every calendar month, customers are afforded a lifeline tariff rate of $0,06 ($6) for the first 50kWh which is enough electricity to power a two plate stove and five lights for a calendar month for a single household with the next 150kWh (51 to 200kWh) in the same calendar month being charged at $0,30 ($30).

"The first 250kWh are enough for the majority of most domestic households. Any additional purchases in excess of 200kWh within the same calendar month is charged at a higher rate of $0,40 ($40)."

Source - the herald