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Cleric 'reveals' Mnangagwa plot

by Staff reporter
23 Aug 2019 at 08:09hrs | Views
Prominent cleric and Destiny for Africa Network leader Obadiah Musindo, yesterday claimed that there were people in Zanu-PF seeking to hijack anti-government protests to sabotage President Emmerson Mnangagwa.

This comes as Mnangagwa's government banned the protests that the MDC has organised in Harare, Bulawayo and other cities - citing the threats of violence, if they were allowed to go ahead.

Speaking on behalf of 2 500 pastors and church leaders, Reverend Obadiah Musindo of Destiny for Africa Network, said Zimbabweans should not be hoodwinked to aid  regime change agenda being pursued by some foreign  missions by participating in destructive actions such as demonstrations.

He said Zimbabweans had to be aware that Western nations had hidden agendas against the nation.

"Let us not allow Zimbabwe to become another Sudan, another Syria, another Iran and another Libya," said Rev Musindo.

"That is why they imposed sanctions on us and the purpose is to cause a lot of suffering, shortages, make life so difficult so that we rise up against our own Government and cause instability.

"If Zimbabwe is to have instability, we would have permitted it because without our co-operation with these enemies of peace and prosperity; and those who envy the abundant resources we have, they won't succeed.

"America has not developed big schools or hospitals in Zimbabwe, but developed the biggest embassy.

"What is it that they see that we do not see? Zimbabweans must understand something, we seem not to understand simple plain truth that there are European and American imperialists and neo-colonialists."

Rev Musindo said Western countries caused crisis, instability and civil unrest in many developing countries.

He said instead of working against each other, Zimbabweans, especially the opposition parties, should work with the Government to overcome challenges in the economy and fight disruptive issues such as sanctions imposed on the country. "I call on Zimbabweans not to be used against each other, we are more educated, civilised and not to resort to Stone-Age type of settling scores," said Rev Musindo.

"Down with politics of hatred and those who incite Zimbabweans against each other, and the ambassadors, NGOs, pastors, politicians who are tirelessly promoting anarchy, non-governability and civil instability in Zimbabwe."

Rev Musindo urged churches to take a proactive approach to sensitise their congregations, especially the youths, against taking part in divisive issues.

"I am calling on all Zimbabweans regardless of churches, race, religion and political parties and other associations to embrace peace to build a strong culture of peace and we must remain peace-loving people," he said.

"Violence is the worst enemy of everybody, the perpetrator and the one targeted are both victims."

Rev Musindo's sentiments come in the wake of Western embassies that seem to aid the MDC-Alliance in perpetrating lawlessness through violent demonstrations.

Source - the herald