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Solar Ear Tag GPS Tracker

by Justice Maphosa
24 Aug 2019 at 08:59hrs | Views

I just wanted to take the opportunity to introduce our latest ear tag with Find Me software (fits all livestock). It sells for R1800 only.  

We offer two (2) types of Livestock trackers for the cattle and the sheep/goat/calves ear tag trackers. Both come with solar for continuous charging with an option of external charging.  

We now offer trackers (use sim cards) for electric appliances (PC/Laptops and TV sets etc.). You will see that on my attachments, all the devices are sim card based. You can google; 'Keep Track of your cattle 24/7'.

The functions are as follows:

- There are no set up costs.
- Link device with phone (master controller number). Ordinary/Smart phone can be used but smart phone has added advantage (app etc. [free]).
- Offers real time tracking (Global Positioning System [GPS] and Location Based Services [LBS]).
- Location history (grazing pattern or animal behavior).
- Zone Alerts (Geo Fence, Boundary Fence). Can set between 50 meters and 99 KM (safe area, danger zone on entering or leaving)..
- SMS Commands from Master Number as well as online commands.
- Belt Anti-cut/remove alert.
- Remote listening (for back ground sound, one can phone device and device can phone master number).
- Shows location in map/satellite mode when tracking and where applicable live street view.
- Battery % as well as battery low notification.

No limit as one can monitor from anywhere in the country.

Just airtime/SMS bundles and free when using your web platform.

There are also other latest security gadgets such as the Solar beam and strobe siren, smart home alarm and intelligent radar detection dome CCTV camera combination.

Of interest also:

- For predation control: the solar energizer, poly wire and rope plays a very important part in separating predators and livestock. This fencing type is relatively cheaper than the traditional electric fence and visible. This type of fence can withstand big animals such as elephants.

- Smart intelligent radar system: though expensive this system will pick rustlers while out of the perimeter area and gives different types of alerts (in a 360 degree mode) of an intruder (s). It eliminates surprises of finding livestock stolen or hacked say in the following morning as multiple warnings system are given to the control personnel and management (even if fast asleep).  

Please do not hesitate to contact me if any questions.

Thank you in advance.


Justice Maphosa
Find Me Security Technology
Mobile: +2778 507 0550

Source - Justice Maphosa