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Woman miscarries after being kicked over $1,50

by Staff reporter
24 Aug 2019 at 09:24hrs | Views
A THREE months pregnant woman from Makokoba suburb in Bulawayo excessively bled and subsequently suffered a miscarriage after she was punched on the stomach by her neighbour who owed her $1,50.

It is said last week on Thursday Alice Ndlovu (23) went to Jabulani Dhliwayo's place to collect a $1,50 tomatoes debt from Dhliwayo.

The court heard that she got there and asked for her money from Dhliwayo. It is alleged Dhliwayo accused her of spreading lies that they were in love when he was married.

As a result an argument ensued and Dhliwayo, in a fit of rage kicked Ndlovu  before allegedly turning her into a punching bag while accusing her of being a serial liar.

It is reported he hit her several times on the abdomen leading her to bleed excessively.

It is said Ndlovu suffered a miscarriage while she was being rushed to Mpilo Central Hospital. She was treated and discharged. A police report was made leading to the arrest of Dhliwayo.

Ndlovu took to the stand: "He (Dhliwayo) bought tomatoes on credit and promised to pay the next day. But he did not pay. After two days I had to confront him. As I was asking for my money he became angry while accusing me of being a rumour monger who was hell -bent on wrecking his marriage. He was also accusing me of going around telling people who cared to listen that I was in love with him."

She added: "He then kicked me before he  punched me several times on the abdomen,   as a result I bled profusely and suffered a miscarriage while I was being rushed to hospital."

Appearing before Ulukile Mlea- Ndlovu for the assault charge he pleaded not guilty: "I deny that I hit her several times on the abdomen leading her to suffer miscarriage. I only slapped her on the face and I was restrained by my brother. I was incensed by her lies that I was in love with her. I never said that I'm in love with her."

He was remanded out of custody to 26 August.

Source - bmetro