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Mnangagwa's former advisor speaks out

by Mandla Ndlovu
24 Aug 2019 at 20:51hrs | Views
Former President Emmerson Mnangagwa's former Petinah Gappah has taken Newsday journalist to the Voluntary Media Council of Zimbabwe over a story that he published about Gappah's resignation from Mnangagwa's advisor.

Gappah had written on Facebook that she has quit her trade and investment 's advisory role after she was frustrated by Mnangagwa's close lieutenants, who she accused them of pursuing personal wealth accumulation at the expense of genuine reforms to turn around the country's fortunes.

Read Gappah's statement below:

I have locked down the posts concerning and relevant to today's front page of the Newsday newspaper, making myself the only audience, because I want to preserve "residue" and "V11s", as I have now formally referred the matter to third party mediation by the VMCZ, Voluntary Media Council of Zimbabwe.

The VMCZ is a self regulating body for journalists that examines, among other, ethics and conduct in the practice of journalism.

I fundamentally disagree with the approach taken to regulate the media under AIPPA, so I will not be using a process or legislation I cannot agree with.

So I have chosen in the first instance, to go down the voluntary media regulation route.

I reserve all my rights to take other action, including legal action, but for now, I am satisfied to have the respected senior journalists who make up the Media Complaints Committee reflect on this matter and advise on the ethical issues that it raises.

Thanks SO MUCH to you all, for your great comments, and for the peacemaking efforts and the humour, especially to the journalists among you, many of whom are friends of both Mr Blessed Mhlanga and I and who naturally wanted peace to prevail. I was however amused to see some people being very encouraging to me while "kuziraring" Blessed, all for the love of a fight:

Cyril Zenda and Andrew Kunambura, I see you!!

I am now putting this matter behind me until the VMCZ gives me a direction or asks for more information, and instead, I will now drink a very large glass of red wine to all of you, and to your VERY good health. Cheers!

Source - Byo24News