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A nation that has lost its soul

by Staff Reporter
27 Aug 2019 at 16:30hrs | Views
Zimbabwe has been drawn back into deep idolatry and at the mercy of God's judgement by its current clueless leadership. This was revealed by Prayer Network Zimbabwe patron Jacob Ngarivhume at the launch of this year's 40 Day Prayer and Fasting in Harare recently. This year's prayer is running from 19 August to 27 September 2019.

Speaking to hundreds who were gathered at the launch, the firebrand politician blasted ZANU PF for establishing systems that have put idolatry right at the centre of our nation. He attacked the worship of ancestors and the raising of evil altars being pushed by ZANU PF as they fulfill their December 2018 Congress resolutions.

"ZANU PF has betwitched our nation and our people. Look at the pathetic transport situation and the million losses being incurred under the ZUPCO scheme, the impoverished civil servants who are now earning peanuts and the endless 20 hour daily ZESA power outages. This and a host of other disastrous consequences of ZANU PF maladministration should have led our people to revolt were it not for these evil altars that are controlling our people" fumed Ngarivhume.

He added that ZANU PF will not hesitate to service these altars even with human blood. It is these evil altars that give them electoral victories. "Who in his/her normal senses would in this economic environment vote for ZANU PF?" asked Ngarivhume rhetorically.

Ngarivhume also added that the ZANU PF government has to be confronted at every level, both spiritually and physically. After the 40 days of payer and fasting for the nation, PNZ will call for a hunger strike and street protests to force the government to reform and address national concerns.

Source - Agencies