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'Funeral company' given government tender for fertilizer speaks out

by Mandla Ndlovu
29 Aug 2019 at 06:28hrs | Views
A controversial company called FSG which was reportedly paid USD$400 million by the government to supply fertilizer for Command Agriculture has opened up on the deal.

FSG issued a statement on Wednesday after a high ranking official from the Ministry of Finance revealed that the company was a funeral service company that has branched off to supply fertilizer.

"We do not have ties or affiliation to Funeral Services Group Zimbabwe known as FSG." THE Company said in a statement. "FSG has never been contracted by Command Agriculture nor have we ever received funds from them. We have however been contracted by a private company from time to time and supplied them with fertilizer that was in turn delivered to Command Agriculture.

"Any funds that we have received from these government programs have been in RTGS and Government Treasury Bills."

Exiled Professor Jonathan Moyo is on record saying Command Agriculture is a project that was used by President Emmerson Mnangagwa and his allies to steal money via Treasury Bills.

Lawyer Alex Magaisa says FSG has incriminated themselves by issuing the statement. Read his full Twitter thread below:

In trying to exonerate itself FSG says it has never been contracted by Command Agriculture. Then it makes a classic confession & avoidance: we were contracted by "a private company" to which we supplied fertiliser which was then supplied to Command Agriculture

There's a confession by FSG that it supplied fertiliser to Command Agriculture albeit through a third party "private company" but it clumsily avoids naming this middleman which received the product en route to Command Agriculture

If FSG really wanted to lift the fog it would have named this middleman "private company". By not naming the middleman they have raised more suspicions over the deal. Who owns the private company? Did it go to tender for the Command Agriculture deal? How much was it paid?

Parliament and ZACC must summon FSG to at least name the middleman & then summon that middleman to answer a few questions. Even if FSG were correct it doesn't clear the possibility that the middleman was paid more money and only a fraction of it was paid to FSG

Parliament  and ZACC must obtain all documentary evidence pertaining to the deals between the middleman "private company" & Command Agriculture & between the middleman "private company" and FSG.

Source - Byo24News

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