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Zimbabwe War vets warn neo-imperialists

by Staff reporter
29 Aug 2019 at 07:24hrs | Views
War veterans are committed to defending the country's sovereignty against erstwhile forces working in cahoots with the opposition MDC-Alliance, an official has said.

Speaking at a Press briefing on the sidelines of the war veterans executive meeting in Harare yesterday, war veterans national spokesperson Douglas Mahiya said they made it possible for the country to gain political independence and they will stop at nothing to fight imperialism and capitalism.

Mahiya warned the European Union, saying Zimbabwe defeated imperialist forces and will continue on that trajectory as it will fight to make its own policies in line with Vision 2030.

"The war veterans would like the world to know that we are a force that has fought imperialism and we have gone through political lessons and one of the lessons taught was that of unmasking the evil nature of imperialism," he said.

"So, we are taking it from the 1884 Berlin conference at which they petitioned Africa for themselves to develop their own economies at the expense of African economies. Today, we hear the European Union is trying to cement their relationship with those who are fighting against the State of Zimbabwe."

Mahiya said the Chamisa-led MDC-Alliance was the imperialists' local representative and proxies who continue to push for imperialism and capitalism to rule the country.

Source - the herald