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Sydney man unexpectedly rich

by Methusi Ncube
30 Aug 2019 at 20:22hrs | Views
It is not every day that a man, in this case, a Sydney man that shall remain unnamed, can wake up with about 90 million more dollars than he went to sleep with. But, on this day, it is the rare occurrence of this event taking place. A man in Sydney woke up with $96 million more than he went to sleep with as a result of a single lucky ticket that he bought the night before, which landed him the second-largest single prize in the history of the Australian lottery.

The man, who shall remain nameless in this article, was from Sydney, Lower North Shore, won the lottery jackpot for the 1447th draw of the Lucky Lotteries Mega Jackpot draw. The man, who has spent most of his life working in an office and hunting many different jackpots, received the news when he was working at his office. Receiving the news left him stunned, excited and considering all of the years he spent playing the lottery and casino games, hoping to get himself a jackpot. He says that up to that point he has played hundreds of real money pokies, bought numerous tickets and used every other tool possible in order to be able to win the jackpot.

Some of the words that he uttered after hearing the news were referencing God, Jesus, divinity, excrement, and the fact that the man was not expecting this type of call at work, at all. He thought, for a long time, that this was nothing but a practical joke. According to him, it is difficult to process news like this.

The man, when questioned about how he felt about the news, said that he was unsure how to describe the feeling, but he was sure that whoever he was about to tell about the victory was going to be extremely excited. He was thinking of his family and how their lives were going to be different starting from then on. The man, after considering some of his options, said that he was intending to quit his job. Frankly, we are surprised that he did not do it on the spot.

The man described his plans, saying that the first thing he was going to do is take care of his kids and set them up for future success. Then he was going to think of the longest, most outrageous vacation, and take himself on it. The first thing he thought he was going to do is travel around the world, in an endless lunch break.

He is the winner of the second-largest lottery cash prize, with the biggest cash prize being won by a Sydney woman - $107 million dollars. While the man decided to spend his money traveling, the woman decided that she would keep working and would now be able to dedicate more time to healthcare causes that she felt strongly about. But one thing that both individuals said they would be doing is helping their families, which is incredibly admirable.

Source - Byo24News