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Dr Mguni Calls the Draft Constitution the 'Daft Constitution'

by Thulani Nkala
05 Aug 2012 at 06:20hrs | Views
Mr Christopher Maphosa the ZAPU Europe Chairperson, speaking at a fundraising function at Bexhill extolled the virtue and the never dying spirit of ZAPU of togetherness and never giving up in adversity.

Mr Maphosa said that he was not happy about the turnout, however, he was ecstatic about the lively spirit and the massive financial contributions to the fundraising function by those present. Mr Maphosa said that during the liberation struggle ZAPU faced what was later known as the 'Chikerema crisis', when Chikerema who was the 2nd vice president decided to quit ZAPU and form his Front for the Liberation of Zimbabwe (FROLIZI) party. The 'Chikerema crisis' did not decapitate ZAPU due to people like Dr Dumiso Dabengwa- the President of ZAPU, who persevered and turned the tide against the oppressive regime of Ian Smith. "Like wise ZAPU supporters should keep on soldiering on, until something gives in, for it is bound to, the power  of action  always prevails" added Maphosa.

The ZAPU Bexhill-On-Sea fundraising was the 3rd fundraising activity, the first was in Birmingham and the second in Leeds. The fundraising activities are in support of prospective ZAPU MPs for the coming national elections which are likely to be some time before June next year 2013.

Mr Lawrence Siziba speaking at the function said that he is an aspiring candidate for Nkayi North Constituency which is currently under ZANU PF's Thembiso Nyoni. Mr Siziba said that Sithembiso is a 'foreigner' in Nkayi, now is the time for Nkayi to elect one of their own. When asked, during the question and answer session, what chances he had over Sithembiso? Mr Siziba said that the odds are weighing heavily against Sithembiso Nyoni as her party has a baggage, he would say that he has 60% chances of winning. Mr Siziba said that he was not complacent and does not undermine his enemy, he is aware that the enemy has money and that the enemy thrives on violence and dirty tactics, however, the work done on the ground and the symbiosis formed with the electorate will see ZAPU win in Nkayi North constituency.
After the question and answer session, DJ Tootsman kept the people entertained with his mesmerising musical collection. Then Mr Edgar Tshuma the enterprising Master of Ceremony with a compelling presence, called upon Dr Ralph Mguni- the ZAPU National Secretary General to greet the people.

"Today, it is not the day for speechifying, but I am here to support the efforts of the aspiring MPs" Dr Mguni said.

"With these efforts, we will ensure that Zimbabwe gets a government it deserves, now is our time, ZAPU Time; and we should all push for a resounding victory in the next plebiscite" Mguni incandescently shined the light in the house, to a resounding applause. Dr Mguni said that the final COPAC Draft Constitution is a daft constitution as it does not address the intrinsic problems of the country. Dr Mguni said that without devolving appropriate and adequate powers to the regions is synonymous to giving someone too much power and hoping for a pleasant dictator. Dr Mguni said that the Central government system which gives too much power to a few individuals has produced very nasty dictators who do not care about anybody else except themselves and to a lesser extent their families.

This was the first time a senior member of ZAPU official has come out in the open and condemned the draft constitution, which the governing parties have endorsed, including MDC led by Welshman Ncube.

MDC has of late been gaining ground due to its vocal stance on gukurahundi and devolution of power, but the draft constitution does not deal with these two issues. One wonders why the MDC is quick to endorse such a flawed document which will not address the systemic and structural problems in Zimbabwe. Those marginalised will remain marginalised.

The next bigger, greater and even better fundraising will be in the capital city in London on a date to be announced shortly. 

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Source - Thulani Nkala