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Chinamasa shocked why residents continue voting 'corrupt' MDC Councillors

by newzimbabwe
26 Aug 2020 at 07:22hrs | Views
ZANU-PF acting spokesperson, Patrick Chinamasa is at pains to understand why urban voters continue to vote for corrupt councillors in the opposition who neglect in providing adequate service delivery to residents.

Speaking during Zanu-PF's weekly press briefing held at the party headquarters in Harare, Chinamasa mocked urban voters saying he wondered how the "mindset of urban residents works".

"Sometimes I wonder the mindset of the urban residents. I still have to grapple with how it works," he said.

"When I examine what is taking place, I find that the more corrupt the MDC Alliance councillors become, the more the urban voters vote for them.

"The more raw sewage flows in their streets and the more the roads become potholed, the more the urban voters vote for them.

"The more service delivery becomes poorer, the more they become agitated to chant Chamisa Chete Chete," he added.

"I think we need an anthropologist study to understand the connection between poor service delivery and the ability to continue earning votes on an increasing scale notwithstanding poor service delivery, poor water reticulation. They receive rates and where is the money going?" an irritated Chinamasa said.

Chinamasa alleged the MDC Alliance councillors are in control of the land barons who are fleecing Zimbabweans of their hard-earned money by allocating desperate home seekers land on wetlands.

Chinamasa also implored the Catholic Bishops to join Zimbabwe's call in the lifting of the country's sanctions imposed by the West some 20 years ago.

"Before you speak, please ask for a dialogue with the President. We are open to any dialogue and we are open to discuss any issue that affects Zimbabweans. We should not allow any tendencies which precipitate us to violence in Zimbabwe." Chinamasa said in reference to the Catholic Bishops.

The former minister also condemned the language used by the Catholic Bishops in their Pastoral Letter read to congregants a few days ago.

"The language used by the Catholic Bishops seems as though they are banishing some sheep from the church. It's like the letter was written by Nelson Chamisa and Tendai Biti," he added.

Chamisa and Biti are the MDC Alliance president and vice-president respectively.

Source - newzimbabwe