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Can Mnangagwa be classified as a strategist?

by Concerned
27 Aug 2020 at 07:32hrs | Views
I DON'T agree with those who say President Emmerson Mnangagwa is an intelligent person and here is why.

Mnangagwa did not respond to insults from the G40 because he did not have any choice.

He did not convince the Sadc bloc and the rest of the world about the coup; everyone was happy to see the back of the late former President Robert Mugabe, but it does not mean they were happy to see him rise to the presidency.

If Mnangagwa is as intelligent as some hardliners in the ruling Zanu-PF party claim, why does he embarrass himself by making so many legal blunders (for someone who is said to be a lawyer)? For example, appointing more than five non-constituency people as Cabinet ministers contrary to the law.

Does a good strategist really believe that the world can be fooled by the creation of his Political Actors Dialogue platform ostensibly to discuss national issues with the opposition?

He knows that he needs the Western world to turn around the economy as it controls the international financial system (including the African Development Bank) and yet he rubbishes it.

Look at how Zanu-PF responded to another revolutionary party African National Congress of South Africa. Is that clever?

Look at Zanu-PF's spin doctors such as Information permanent secretary Ndavaningi Mangwana, he is one of the worst government public relations officers in the history of the country. He is arrogant and ignorant.

Good strategist? I beg to differ.

Source - newsday

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