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Zimbabwe Ambassador to Israel denies having links with NIKUV

by Mandla Ndlovu
31 Aug 2020 at 07:49hrs | Views
The recently appointed Honorary Consul of Zimbabwe in Israel Ronny Levy Musan has denied allegations that he is linked to Nikuv International Projects a company that was contracted to rig the 2013  elections in Zimbabwe.

Posting on Twitter, Musan said, "I have been receiving terrible messages from some people in Zimbabwe... I want to clarify. I do not have any connection to NIKUV company. Do not know them and do not know who they are!!! I am here to help and serve all citizens of Zimbabwe regardless of any political group!"

Musan added that his job is to strengthen the diplomatic and economic ties between the countries to help Zimbabwe.

Nikuv in Hebrew means poking a hole or punching. In 2013 the company was given US$13 million to assist in populating the roll, computing figures and modelling the results before and during elections to counter unfavourable voting outcomes in major cities.

security minutes leaked by former cabinet minister Walter Mzembi below:


Voters Roll

The meeting received positive feedback from Dir (Internal) DT Nhepera who was tasked with overseeing the updating of the voter's roll by Nikuv Projects.

Director Nhepera in agreement with the party commissariat headed by (AVM) H Muchena and retired Director (counter) S Nyanungo chose Nikuv International Projects basing on their excellent record since 2002.

Nikuv international Projects will assist in populating the roll, computing figures and modelling the results before and during elections to counter unfavourable voting outcomes in major cities for USD13m payable in instalments.

Col T. Dube will coordinate and facilitate resources from Anjin Pvt Ltd and Zimbabwe Defence Industries and while col Mhonda will coordinate resources pledged by Sino Zimbabwe. Retired R. Mhlanga pledged Mbada Diamond's assistance to Zim 1.

The meeting noted the financial support from Mr Sam Pa, John Moxon, and President Nguema towards election. More pledges are expected within time.


In light of the March 2008 "Bhora Musango" rebellion wide and sweeping Counter Intelligence Consultations informed the following decisions on candidates.

1. To technically support serving and former security members to contest ahead of civilian candidates whose in discipline cost the party

2. Extra handling in extra financial support be given to security candidates ahead of primary elections.
3. Swift neutralisation of civilian candidates who appeared in the "Bhora Musango" blacklist before or immediately after primaries.

4. Party provincial chairpersons and their Political Commissars who went to China last year for Political, security training must convene Provincial Coordinating Committee meetings in the coming two weeks to vet all political potential party candidates in conjunction with the President's Office.

5. Those appearing in the Match 2008 "Bhora Musango" blacklist during the recent elections should be disqualified from contesting.

6. The following civilian candidates must be STOPPED from representing the party Edward Chindori Chininga, Paddy Zhanda, Elias Musakwa, Silvester Nguni, Walter Mzembi, and Phinias Chihota.

Cyber Campaign

The meeting noted that machines to counter and favourable feeds from individuals and institutions have been successfully installed with resources from POTRAZ and ZINARA

Source - Byo24News